Tong Hua-Da Mo Yao

I wanted to compensate him, but when I heard that it was the emperor's reward,

I wanted to compensate him, but when I heard that it was the emperor's reward, I shut my mouth again. He looked at me twice and put the cloak on me. "It's not good, but it's much better than your skirt with big holes and small holes." I gathered my cloak. "Why are you in the street?" "I just came back from paying New Year's greetings to the princess and my uncle," he said. Why are you alone in the street? It seems that you have been wandering for a long time, and the ends of your hair are frosted. As he spoke, he patted the tips of his hair on my temples with his hand and carefully patted the frost away. I did not answer, turned around and looked around to see where he was, and turned half of the city of Changan in a muddle. He looked at me carefully for a while. "Why do you look so depressed during the Spring Festival?"? Come with me Before I could protest, he had dragged me into the carriage, and my strength had just run out, and now I felt that everything did not matter, and silently let him place me. He saw that I was silent and sitting in silence, only to hear the sound of the wheels "squeaking" on the ground. After a while, he said, "I know what song you're playing. I hummed a few words casually and the emperor overheard me. He jokingly asked me which woman sang Yue Song to me. I asked the emperor in a confused way, 'Why can't it be sung by a man?'" ” I tugged at the corners of his mouth and forced a smile. Chu and Yue were similar, but they could not speak the same language. King E of the State of Chu passed by the State of Yue in a boat. The girl who rowed a boat on the river fell in love with her, but she could not speak the language, so she sang this song. King E understood the meaning of the song, understood the girl's mind, and took her home with a smile. Huo Qubing tells the story that happened more than a hundred years ago. Because of the beautiful encounter and ending, perhaps many women will follow the example of Yue women,liquid bottle filling machine, trying to seize their own happiness, but not everyone will get their wish, I do not want to listen to this story, interrupt him, "Where are you taking me?" He stared at me quietly for a while and suddenly smiled like the rising sun. "Take you to listen to the singing of men." Huo Qubing unexpectedly took me to drive straight into the barracks of the feather forest army. When Liu Che ascended the throne, he chose six well-born young guards from Longxi, Tianshui, Anding,bottle blowing machine, Beidi, Shangjun and Xihe to guard Jianzhang Palace, which was called Jianzhang Camp Riding. At that time, the government is still in the hands of dou queen mother, Liu Che although there is a sweep of the Huns, but in the case of even life can not be guaranteed, can only be indulged in a playboy. Liu Che often build chapter camp ride into two teams, dressed as the Huns and the big fellow to fight each other drill, like a gang of juvenile game for fun, but it is the game team after years of Liu Che, became the elite of the Han Dynasty army. Now it has changed its name to Yu Lin Qi, taking the meaning of "such as the disease of Yu, such as the number of Lin". Although it was the Chinese New Year, there was still a chill in the barracks, and it was not until we turned to the rest barracks that we had a bit of New Year's atmosphere. The door was wide open, the room was illuminated by huge candles, liquid bottle filling machine ,CSD filling line, the charcoal fire was burning red, the meat was roasting on it, and the smell of wine and meat mixed together, which made people move their index fingers. Huo Qubing was born in the Feather Forest Army. The people sitting around the stove in the room were obviously very familiar with him. Seeing Huo Qubing, they all stood up with a smile. A man in brocade said with a smile, "Your nose is good. The fresh venison has just been roasted, and you're here." I heard the sound and recognized Li Gan. Huo Qubing did not answer, took me straight to the seat that everyone gave up, everyone saw me without any strange look, as if I came naturally, or should say that anything happened to Huo Qubing is normal. A teenager placed a bowl in front of me and Huo Qubing, and without saying a word, he poured wine. Without saying a word, Huo Qubing took up the wine and offered a toast to the crowd. He raised his neck and poured it down. Everyone laughed. Li Gan laughed and said, "You're not wordy. If you know it's late, you'll be punished for drinking." Then he poured him another bowl, and Huo Qubing drank three bowls of wine in a twinkling of an eye. Everyone looked at me. Under the reflection of the charcoal fire, everyone's face was suffused with healthy red. Their eyes were young, pure, calm and warm, burning like fire. I didn't know whether it was the charcoal fire or their eyes. I felt my heart was hot. I took a deep breath, picked up the bowl with a smile, and respected everyone like Huo Qubing. I closed my eyes and kept pouring it down. After drinking a bowl of wine, everyone applauded and laughed. I wiped the wine stains on the corners of my mouth and put the bowl on the table. The second bowl of wine was full. When I was about to reach for it, Huo Qubing picked it up and said lightly, "She is the one I brought with me. The remaining two bowls are on my head." Said has been drinking. Li Gan looked at me and said with a smile, "She doesn't look like she knows how to drink. She's willing to sacrifice her life to accompany a gentleman, but she's drunk. It's rare!"! I dare Li. As he spoke, he folded his fists at me, and I was stunned for a moment and bowed to him in silence. The relationship between Li Gan and Huo Qubing is obviously very good. Huo Qubing seldom spoke in front of everyone, often with a face of arrogance and indifference, most people do not want to easily ask for boredom, but also keep a certain distance from him. But Li Gan and Huo Qubing were warm and cold, but they got along happily. Li dared to fill Huo Qubing with the third bowl of wine, and then filled his own bowl with wine, accompanied Huo Qubing to drink a bowl. Then he cut the venison with a sharp knife and put it in front of me and Huo Qubing. Huo Qubing pricked a piece of meat with a knife and handed it to me. He whispered, "Eat some meat to suppress the smell of alcohol." Others were already sitting or standing, tearing the venison and eating it without chopsticks, some eating it directly with their hands, and the elegant ones eating it with knives. There are also those who are busy boxing, drinking seven and shouting six, shouting so loud that they want to break people's ears. My smell of alcohol began to go to my head, and my eyes were blurred. I only knew that Huo Qubing handed me a piece of meat, and I ate one, grabbed it directly into my mouth, and rubbed the greasy on his cloak. In my drunken eyes, I seemed to hear these young men knocking on several tables and singing loudly, and I also pulled my throat and shouted after them. “…… Sing long live and see me off. Father and mother are generous and strict: the arc is hanging, the aspirations of the four directions, and today I comfort my life. Good man,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, don't give in, the horse steps on the Xiongnu Han Feng Yang: the iron bow is cold, the blood is still hot... 。


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