Wan Long Shen Zun

Wen Qingye took a deep breath. He had already thought about the result of failure,

Wen Qingye took a deep breath. He had already thought about the result of failure, but he was scared out of his wits and died forever. He could not care, but now he could not. You have a tie. Qingwuyi sighed, then in the hands of copper flow gold quasi-mirror flash, only to see the smooth mirror appeared on the face of Zhang Xiaoyun, "once people have a concern, they will be afraid of hands and feet." Wen Qingye looked at the familiar face in the mirror, his eyes softened, and he said with a confident smile, "I won't die for the care in my heart." She shook her head and whispered, "She will be your Achilles' heel." Wen Qingye retorted, "Why won't she be my most powerful helper?" Qingwu sighed heavily and said, "She belongs to the five elements of wood. She is destined to be short of water. Her nature of fire is too heavy. She is a floating bitter root. She has been destined to be kind and miserable all her life. Even if you are the same, you can't change her miserable life." Wen Qingye was stunned. Then he looked at Qingwu and said, "Did you figure it out?" "Yes," Qing nodded and said, "but her fate is very hard. If she wants to really grow up, she must find a place that can accommodate her bitter roots." "This place is not you, but you restrict her growth,smart interactive whiteboard, only when she really grows up, like a phoenix reborn, she is the most complete of her." Qingwuyi's words rang in Wen Qingye's ears word by word, making Wen Qingye silent for a while. Wen Qingye knew that he had protected Zhang Xiaoyun too much, and that a top strong man must go through hardships and hardships. But Wen Qingye does not want, he does not want Zhang Xiaoyun to become a strong man, he does not want to let Zhang Xiaoyun experience hardships, he did not want to let Zhang Xiaoyun be hurt bit by bit. Zhang Xiaoyun just needs to be his woman. Just,face recognition identification, in this cruel fairy world, can you really do it? You are in this body now, and it is true that some of the top powers have not noticed you, but when you become profound and come into the eyes of those who are interested, do you think she can protect you, or can you protect her? In the middle of their conversation, the unharmed Shouyuan is decreasing at a crazy speed, which is the result of the future law deduction. The most important thing is that someone has noticed you and her. The first one is the Nine Elephants Thunder Fairy King, the second one is the Silence King of Abbot Mountain, and the third one is Duan Tian. Whether Duan Tian is good or bad, I can only tell you that don't believe what he says unless he really sits down. "In fact, short-term pain is for longer-term happiness." ......... "I understand what you mean. Let's not talk about it." After hearing this, Wen Qingye sighed wistfully. He looked at Qing Wuyu and said, digital signage screen ,digital signage kiosk, "You don't have to help me deduce. In the future, the result of the law deduction may not be all right. It will consume a lot of longevity yuan in vain." "If you really need me, in a word" Qing Wuyi nodded his head. Then his eyes were red. He looked at Wen Qingye and said, "All the 3100,000 people of the Qing Clan are on standby. Even if I kill the fairy world, I won't frown." When Changsheng Xianjun was killed, he was not there. This time he will not be absent. I know Wen Qingye smiled and was deeply moved. Then he pointed to the many geniuses below and said, "It's just that I'm taking part in the trial now. I don't have much time. I think I'm leaving soon. You can clear the memory of these people." "Good" Qingwuyi nodded, he knew that he and Wen Qingye could not talk unscrupulously, the top power of the fairy world, magical powers, even at this time Qingwuyi could not ensure that he could avoid everyone's line of sight. And now, Wen Qingye's identity can not be exposed. Chapter 1767 prepare to leave. Looking down, a blue light in the palm of his hand, with a mysterious and treacherous, revealed a large amount of pollen on the blue light, and finally fell on the heads of all the people present. Many of the geniuses present felt that their eyes were shaking and their heads were a little dizzy. Wen Qingye knew that when these people woke up again, they would not know what had just happened, but would remember Changling at most. As for the scene of Wen Qingye's conversation with Qing Di, it may be completely forgotten. I'm leaving. Qing looked at Wen Qingye with calm eyes and said, "I don't know when we'll meet next time." Wen Qingye smiled and said, "It will be soon." "There are many of your old troops in Dongfang Xianting. They are waiting for you, and I am waiting for your words. Here are two jade amulets that I have spent thousands of years refining. You can use them. With your current strength, I'm afraid my jade amulets are outstanding even among Da Luo Jinxian." Qingwuyi took a look at the crowd below, and then his body disappeared into the field of vision of Wen Qingye. Wen Qingye looked at the back of Qing's unharmed disappearance, looked at the jade amulet in his hand, with a lot of emotion in his eyes, and said earnestly: "One day, I will appear fair and square, and I will get it back from Dongfang Xianting." This jade amulet is unusual. It is a seal made by a master who practices the law of the future. The monk who uses this seal can draw power from the law of the future and have his own power in the future in a short time. Generally, the jade amulet against the sky is not easy to refine, and it is also used by the younger generation, and it can not be used by the masters whose strength has reached a certain limit. As long as Wen Qingye does not reach Da Luo Jinxian, he can use this jade amulet to save his life. This What's going on? ?” Yan Xu touched his head with a trace of surprise in his eyes. He looked around and exclaimed, "Where is the female corpse?" He only remembered that Tu defeated Li Xuantian in one move, and the female corpse suddenly appeared, gently defeated Tu, who looked like a demon God, and said that he would kill all the people here. Yu Shangqing touched his chest, frowned and said, "I don't know." Chu Fan, Zhang Haotian, Liu Fengfeng, Beichen Feng and others are sober,facial recognition thermometer, but they seem to have forgotten what happened to each other, only remember the sudden appearance of the female corpse. There was no treasure in the coffin, only the female corpse. hsdtouch.com


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