Parasitic lies

Zhu Shengxi picked up the coffee pot, refilled half a cup for Gu Yao,

Zhu Shengxi picked up the coffee pot, refilled half a cup for Gu Yao, and put the empty plate in the dishwasher. At the same time, he said, "I have no secrets from you." Gu Yao tilted her head and looked at him: "Is it not for me a year ago, or for me a year ago and now?" Zhu Shengxi and Gu Yao looked at each other for a few seconds and said, "It's really amazing. You are more like a psychological expert now than a year ago." "I have nothing to do this year, and I have been studying hard." "You have surpassed it." Zhu Shengxi is a very pertinent evaluation, after a second, and said: "Just like the case of Chen Feiyu, even a year ago, you dare not be so bold." This topic successfully attracted Gu Yao's attention. Gu Yao suddenly remembered Xu Shuo's words that night. He said that the reason why Wang Meng and the association cut the Gordian knot and forced her to leave was that there was Gu Chengwen's instruction behind her. It was obvious that Gu Chengwen was protecting her in a father's way. In the case of Chen Feiyu, Gu Yao also told Qin Song not to mention it to her parents and Zhu Shengxi, but now Zhu Shengxi naturally mentioned "Chen Feiyu". Gu Yao sighed lightly and asked, "Did Qin Song tell you?" Zhu Shengxi shook his head slowly: "It's Wang Meng." Gu Yao was very surprised: "Why did he say this to you?" Isn't fame and profit all reasons? Wang Meng wants me to inject capital into his psychological clinic. The association is also waiting for the support of Uncle Gu's interests. Standing in their position, these only need a little bit of your work situation as an exchange condition. Why not? Gu Yao instantly frowned, incomparable rejection and disgust. Zhu Shengxi said at this time: "It is precisely because Wang Meng and the association regard you as a bargaining chip in the exchange of interests that Uncle Gu proposed that the association let you leave." Zhu Sheng said that he went around the counter and walked to Gu Yao's side. Gu Yao was still sitting on the high stool, looking at him with an expressionless face. It was not until Zhu Shengxi got close that he put his hands on her waist and whispered, "If you like, you can set up another association. If the previous one is an eyesore, it is not a problem to bring it down.". Why spoil your mood for a few unimportant outsiders? Gu Yao was speechless for a moment, looking at the eyes close at hand, and looking at his lips, which were always light in color, the anger in her heart disappeared a little bit. It is this feeling that makes Gu Yao understand that Zhu Shengxi's understanding of her character is really deep, has been deep enough to know what to say, can not only express his unshakable position, but also soothe her emotions,gear reduction motor, such understanding can not be formed in three or five years. Gu Yao sighed and said softly, "If this happens in the future, can you not hide it from me?" Zhu Shengxi nods: "Good, do not hide you." But Gu Yao is not easy to get rid of, she chased again: "You answer me honestly, if it was me a year ago, would you and my father do these things without telling me?" Zhu Shengxi: "No." He's not lying. Gu Yao read the truth of this moment. However, the next second, Zhu Shengxi smiled and said, "If it were you a year ago, you would teach Wang Meng a lesson in your way without waiting for us. All the people in the association are obedient to you, and no one dares to offend you." Gu Yao was stunned: "Was I a Tigress before?"? You never said that. "If it were me, I wouldn't use these three words to describe you. It would be more accurate to say.." Well, the queen. Gu Yao: ".." The room fell silent again, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and Gu Yao's eyes were very strange. Zhu Shengxi raised his eyebrows and asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?" Gu Yao said, "Why didn't I find out until now that you still have the constitution of shaking M?" Quiet for a few seconds, Zhu Shengxi laughed out loud, that laughter is very nice, the body also followed a slight vibration. Then he said, "I used to like the way you bossed me around, but now you are so peaceful and enjoy life, which is fascinating.". Either way, it's you. This is probably the most beautiful love words in the world, and it is not intentional, everything is natural. As soon as Gu Yao's heart moved, she pursed her lips and asked cautiously, "Was I the kind of daughter who used to be unruly and willful? Otherwise, why did you say I gave orders to you?" Zhu Shengxi is still laughing: "No, I used the wrong words, but at that time no matter what you say, what you do, even if you are approachable, people will feel a kind of innate pride." Gu Yao thought it was incredible, and then remembered another thing: "Yes, when I was cleaning up the house a while ago, I found several boxes of books in the storage room. There were all kinds of books, which had nothing to do with psychology. They were all boring love stories, chicken soup for the soul, and even science fiction.." Uh, you bought it all? "It's you." Me? That's not my taste in reading. "I also asked you this question, you said, you read bad books is to build their own reading taste, if the books you read are good books, there is no comparison of bad books, how to distinguish between good and bad?"? Just like if a person has not wasted time to do meaningless things, naturally he will not understand the value of time. The same is true of people who grow up in mistakes. The only difference is that some people correct their mistakes and return to the wrong path quickly, while others make mistakes. Anyway, they are already wrong, and they don't care how many times they make mistakes. Gu Yao listens to be stupefied, a long time just says: "Too inconceivable, I before crooked reason is really a lot of." Zhu Shengxi chuckled, "How could you say that about yourself?" Gu Yao did not pick up this stubble, she turned the topic back to the beginning: "Tian Fang's case, I am very interested." Zhu Shengxi was caught off guard, and his eyes showed surprise. You want to step in? "Well, after all, it has something to do with you and my father." "Just because of that?" "Of course, because I want to take this opportunity to find some professional things,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, I have been relatively idle recently, but the main reason is that I saw her yesterday, I found something." "What is it?" Asked Zhu Shengxi. 。


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