Wesley 102 (Code Two)

It is difficult to imagine the extent to which modern technology can be used to keep a person under close surveillance.

It is difficult to imagine the extent to which modern technology can be used to keep a person under close surveillance. In the words of the Gobi Desert or Detective Kuo, "It's not difficult to know how a person's heart rate changes over a 24-hour period!" As for the yellow cicada, if you want to keep a close watch on the Grand Living Buddha, you can use an artificial satellite to track him. As long as you have a way to put a miniature signal transmitter beside the Grand Living Buddha, you can do this. There are so many people around the Great Living Buddha. Who can say that none of them have been bribed? Bai Su and I were surprised that not long ago, Bai Su had brought the Great Living Buddha to me. If they knew all about the whereabouts of the Great Living Buddha, then this secret meeting would not be a secret! "Yes," said Bai Su lightly, "we can imagine how closely you watch the Grand Living Buddhas. But don't forget, they are Living Buddhas with magical powers. Have you ever heard of such a thing as a'meeting of the gods'?" The yellow cicada took a deep breath. "Basically, we don't believe in this kind of thing. We don't even believe in the reincarnation of the Living Buddha. We think it's a lie from the Lama!" I shook my head slowly and felt "pity": "You may not believe in your principles, but you should believe in your specific work against Lamaism." The yellow cicada laughed. Her smile was light and elegant, but what she said in a soft voice was surprising. "I myself prefer to believe in science," she said. "The proof of science is that not long ago, the Great Living Buddha came to this city. My guess is that he met with you!" I laughed, neither admitting nor denying it. But Bai Su said, "It's really a close follow-up. Yes, the Great Living Buddha wanted to find Wei Qi and wanted the three Dharma objects. That's why he met us!" When I first heard Bai Su admit this, I was shocked. But I immediately understood that Bai Su continued to mislead the yellow cicada and tried his best to remove the target from the body of the reincarnated second Living Buddha! The reason is very simple. They have all kinds of scruples to deal with the Grand Living Buddha, but it is much easier to deal with the Second Living Buddha who is not yet known. Therefore, the Second Living Buddha may be in danger. Huang Chan was also a little surprised when Bai Su frankly admitted that she had met with the Grand Living Buddha. For a moment, she didn't know how to go further, but Bai Su "took advantage of the victory to pursue": "The reward of hundreds of millions of pounds has moved all the'seekers' in the world. This not only includes huge financial benefits,316l stainless steel pipe, but also means the title of'the best in the world 'if she succeeds. But we still haven't been able to make Uncle Qi appear, so we know there's nothing we can do! In his speech, Bai Su mentioned the term "searchers." These are people who are professionally engaged in searching for others. Some of them do nothing but specialize in finding people. Others are excellent detectives, such as the little Kuo we are familiar with. Most of these people are resourceful and have their own tricks. Last time, after the huge reward appeared, thousands of "seekers" were active all over the world, as well as the followers of Lamaism and the secret service system at all levels under the power politics. It can be said that since Pangu created the world, there have never been so many people mobilized to find a person! However, Mr. Wei Qi is still missing. Bai Su and I did everything possible to get a message from him, but it was also fruitless. Therefore, my conclusion is that the seventh uncle has already died, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns s32760 plate, and since he is gone, naturally he cannot be found. As for where his bones were after his death, it was impossible to know, perhaps in the desert, perhaps at the bottom of the sea, perhaps under the thousand-year-old snow of the snow-capped mountains, who could find them! But now, looking at the video tape and computer analysis brought by Huang Chan, it is possible that Uncle Qi is still alive! To be honest, I am more eager to see him than anyone else in the world, because he is my family! I said this to the yellow cicada and explained, "I have done my best. Unless he comes to see me himself, I really can't do anything about it." Huang Chan's voice was flat: "I don't want to find him all at once. I just want to use the help of you two to at least speculate on his movements after he got the Dharma." Bai Su raised his eyebrows and said, "We have just analyzed that he will go to the Grand Living Buddha. I also think that the Grand Living Buddha will announce to the whole world that the Dharma objects will be returned to Lamaism." After listening to Bai Su's words, the yellow cicada's pretty face turned pale, and she naturally pressed her hands to her heart. Although her situation indicated that "disaster is imminent," her expression was extremely moving. After a while, she said, "At this time, it's time for me and Qiu Ying to die." Bai Su and I looked at each other, but before we could say anything, we heard the yellow cicada say in a very low voice, "Qiu Ying doesn't know what death is, and I really don't want to die." Huang Chan's attitude greatly surprised us. I didn't mean to satirize her, but I couldn't help saying, "I thought people like you were death-defying." The yellow cicada gave a wry smile-at this time, she showed a really bitter look. She raised her head slightly and said, "I haven't been a man for a day at all. I mean, I haven't lived for myself for a day. What kind of life is it to die like this?" She said, looking at us with an expression of wanting the answer to the question. Bai Su and I stayed for a long time, unable to speak, because all of a sudden, a person of her special status, in front of a person who could be said to be in a hostile position with her, made such an ideological confession, which was really too incredible, and too unexpected for us. After a while, I could only comfort her in a vague way: "It's not that serious!" Huang Chan turned around and said,x70 line pipe, "The authorities have decided that it was either me or Qiu Ying who betrayed the secret and caused the theft of the legal object. They will investigate the responsibility. According to the principle that it is better to kill the wrong person than to let it go, Qiu Ying and I will both be executed unless we can recover the legal object before the deadline." Bai Su asked, "What is the deadline?". lksteelpipe.com


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