Taixu Illusion

Peter said Wei Chi Jun fled to deep and remote state, walked more than ten miles, in front of a charger came, is the three thousand cavalry led by sand iron mountain, served the life of Tuo Ba Chi to meet them.

Chu Yunru sneered: "Although this is still the land of Daqin, don't forget that the princess married the emperor of Dachu. I don't care what rules you have in the palace. From now on, you have to follow me to learn the rules of Dachu." She did not look at these female officials any more and went out. She is the mother of a country, has its own bearing, light words, has given people great pressure, a few female officials did not dare to give birth to the slightest violation of the heart, without a word to come out with her. Step out of the cloister, see Rong Ruoyou since stupefied standing under the moon, behind the female officer, hurriedly salute. Chu Yunru smiled and said softly, "Go!" Rong Ruo was silent, looked at her, gritted his teeth, and then strode in. Chu Yunru's eyes swept lightly, in addition to the female officials who were called out by themselves, besides the new house, there were also two rows of deacon officials in the Qin Palace. She stretched out her hand to summon Su Liang and Zhao Yi, and whispered to them to lead all the wedding officials to their respective seats for drinking. All the people were a little surprised and said, "We all have our own functions.." "What function?"? It is a matter of etiquette for the husband's family to entertain the bride's family. Could it be that you think that the emperor of Chu, far away from the land, can't even do the most basic courtesy? Chu Yunru raised her eyebrows coldly and said, "I'm overjoyed today. I don't want anything unhappy to come out and spoil the interest of the emperor and the princess. It's up to you whether you appreciate it or not." Speaking of this, who dares not give face. After a while, the whole courtyard,disc air diffuser, all the people from the Qin Palace, were evacuated clean, only Zhang Tieshi led a group of Chu soldiers to guard outside. In the bridal chamber, Anle heard the sound of footsteps and the sound of closing the door. He reached out his hand silently and lifted the veil for himself. With brilliant candlelight outside and countless treasures beside her, the most beautiful princess of Qin slowly raised her eyes and gazed at the man close at hand, her husband and her lover. She must follow the man for a lifetime. Outside the new house, under the cold moon, in the cold wind, Chu Yunru quietly looked at the tearful candlelight,wall penstocks, under the screen window, a man and a woman, sitting and standing, staring at each other. She was silent for a moment and walked out slowly. Outside the courtyard, there was endless joy, bright red silk fluttering all over the sky, countless bright red stickers, bright red mats, and flowing water filled the palace. Cups come and go, the sky is noisy and noisy, and the sound of singing and dancing is endless. She was the only one, clear and cold, walking through the endless joy of the sky and the earth, finding a quiet place in the most remote corner of the palace, standing quietly by a small pool of clear water, looking at the illusory moon in the water. Even if it is a case of Qi eyebrow, in the end the meaning is difficult to calm. The sky suddenly exploded with dazzling sparks, rotary vacuum disc filters ,rapid sand filters, which made her look up. The whole dark sky brightened, and it was the people outside the palace who celebrated their beautiful princess heartily! Tonight is so happy, tonight is so sad, tonight is so lively, tonight, no one sleeps. In the palace, a happy atmosphere, outside the palace, is also endless lively, watching the princess phoenix into the palace, the people are still not satisfied, for this world-shaking grand wedding talk endlessly. People are talking and laughing, watching the children join in the fun, setting off fireworks and firecrackers, which is as lively as the New Year's Festival. In the crowd, there was a man in a black cloak and a huge bamboo hat, who covered his whole body from hair to heel, listening quietly to everyone talking and telling. People said jubilantly that they had not seen such a lively scene for many years. People said excitedly that if the State of Chu and the State of Qin were married, there would be no war, and people would not have to worry about war, nor would they have to fear that their sons and husbands would die in battle. People said happily, the princess's guard of honor is really big! When he passed the Yongding Gate, he had to temporarily remove the gate to allow the car to pass. People said with great interest that all the way from the palace to the palace, the torches tied to the trees illuminated the world as bright as day, and even the trees were baked. The man listened quietly to all the people's comments and feelings, and calmly looked at everyone's cheerful and happy expression. Then, she walked to the end of the long street, no one in the distance, so, dressed in black, slowly step by step into the darkness, slowly step by step away from this bustling, prosperous scene. When the flame exploded in the sky, she looked up unconsciously. The sudden light of fireworks illuminated her cold face hidden under the bamboo hat. It is Dong Yan ran. The fireworks celebrating the marriage of the emperor of the State of Chu and the princess of the State of Qin burst into beautiful flowers in the air. No one knows that across a palace wall, there are two beautiful women, looking up at the same time, staring at the brilliant brilliance. However, after this fleeting light, there is a darker, darker and more gloomy sky. The incomparably beautiful face, only illuminated for a moment, immediately disappeared into the darkness. Next notice Qin and Chu wedding can not be avoided, unprecedented grand wedding, prosperous Qiluo, extremely magnificent, just sandwiched between two peerless beauties, if the blessing of Qi people, enjoy a little hard. Zhou Ru's reappearance gave Xing De a ray of light to restore his strength, but it made Rong Ruo gently let go of this last chance. The people of the State of Chu finally had a chance to leave this strange and dangerous place where they said they were friendly neighbors, and the unexpected death of the Great Emperor of the State of Qin made Nalanyu and Ningzhao have their last meeting and long talk in their lives. Part 4 Haohao Qin Feng Episode 26 Chapter 1 The Friendship of Emperors What are you doing here? Ning Zhao wanted to shout at Rong Ruo. It was not easy to finish Qin Chu's wedding and fulfill his wish, but there was not much joy in his heart. Instead, he was at a loss. Wandering in the palace last night, I couldn't sleep all night. I just wanted to go back and have a good rest. How could His Majesty the King of Chu, who had just spent the wedding candles, come to the palace to visit? Not last night just bridal chamber,lamella clarifer, today clamoring to go home! Even if really has this idea, on the surface the polite article always must do several days, how can display so eagerly. khnwatertreatment.com

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