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The second volume again out of the paste 32, Phoenix flying.

"Maybe there's something I should tell you." While we were discussing, chief editor Lin suddenly came over and interrupted. He asked his two daughters to go about their work and invited us into the office. When I closed the door, he told us a terrible story. Perhaps you will find it strange that the rumors about the haunted building are so fierce that even the nearby residential buildings all hang demon mirrors in front of their windows. In fact, this is mainly because when the foundation of the building was being built, a terrible thing happened. I heard that when the foundation was built, there was a construction worker named Huang Jie. When his wife Chen Yan came to the construction site to look for him, she accidentally fell into the pile that had just been poured with cement. When they found her, she was stuck in the cement, only her head was exposed, but she was still alive. However, when they tried to save her, they found that the cement had solidified, and they had to destroy the pile to save her. Of course, the construction company was unwilling to delay the construction progress of the building, so it proposed to Huang Jie to give him 200,000 yuan at one time, so that he could personally add cement to the pile and bury his wife alive. Huang Jie was so obsessed with money that he accepted the proposal of the construction company and buried his wife alive. It is said that Chen Yan cried bitterly before she was buried alive, saying that she would turn into a fierce ghost to retaliate against everyone after she died. Everyone thought this was the end of the matter, but after the building was completed, strange things began to happen. Elevators often stopped on empty floors, and employees working here claimed to hear strange sounds or things moving inexplicably. Later,automated warehouse systems, Chen Yan was buried alive in the pile was spread, even more panic, Wuguan had to make a special trip to Hong Kong to invite a famous geomancer to guide the maze. After careful calculation, Mr. Feng Shui thinks that the geomantic pattern of the building is like a tombstone, and it is located at the junction of the main road, which absorbs all the grievances of the five roads and condenses them in the foundation. But Chen Yan originally is contains the resentment and the end, in addition five ways Yin resentment gas,teardrop pallet racking, very possibly already turned into a monster which can pass through the wall. To destroy the monster, the most direct way is to dig out the body in the foundation and burn it, but to dig out the body, you have to tear down the whole building, which is of course impossible. Therefore, the geomancer had no choice but to use some palliative methods to temporarily suppress the monster. The stone lions and glass covers at the gate are all designed to isolate the five ways of Yin resentment so as to suppress the monsters. Female ghosts covered with cement slurry, eyes in air conditioning pipes, bodies buried in foundations, monsters that can cross walls.. After listening to editor-in-chief Lin's narration, this absurd idea came to my mind. Perhaps, as the geomancer said, this series of strange events was the work of a monster that could walk through the walls, which would explain why the footprints in the women's bathroom did not come out, and why she could walk through the narrow air-conditioning ducts. But will people really turn into dead monsters after death? Or is there really such a monster in the world? However, from all kinds of signs, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it seems that all this is indeed the work of monsters. Yuetong's subordinates have completed the forensics work in the women's bathroom, so she led them back to the technical team to test the evidence. When the test report comes out, it may provide us with some clues. In order to further determine whether the monster exists, Zhen and I hope to learn about the situation from the people who witnessed the monster. According to editor-in-chief Lin, in addition to Yiyi, there are two people who have witnessed the monster, one is Xiao Jianfeng, who is going out for an interview, and the other is He Xi, a security guard. Because Xiao Jianfeng was interviewing outside and would not be back until later, we first went to the security room next to the lobby on the first floor to find out about He Xi. But when we entered the security room, we only saw a tall security guard sitting on a chair dozing off. From the certificate hanging on his chest, we learned that his name was Huang Yu. I glanced at his neck, and I could see a circle of red silk on his neck. Was it a coincidence? When I tapped him on the shoulder, he immediately bounced up and asked us what was the matter in an impatient tone after a little recovery? I showed my police card and asked him if he Xi was on duty now. He yawned and answered, "The coward has gone on patrol. Let me call him over." Then he used the walkie-talkie to call He Xi to the security room, and then sat down and dozed off. While waiting for He Xi, I observed the situation in the security room at random and found that there was a filing cabinet in the corner, which should contain the information of all the security personnel. Anyway, I was idle, so I asked Huang Yu if he had the key to the document and if he could let me look up the information of He Xi. He yawned again and said, "The cabinet is unlocked. If you want to see it, you can take it yourself and put it away after reading it." Then he continued to doze off. I dug out two documents from the filing cabinet, one of which was of course He Xi's, and the other was Huang Yu's. The reason why I turned out his information was not only because I found the red silk on his neck, but also because his height was similar to the owner of the shoe print in the bathroom, so I wanted to know his exact height. 181cm "This is the number filled in the height column of his information.". Is it just a coincidence? Volume 5 Love Infatuation Chapter 3 Cement Banshee In order to further verify whether it was an illusory ghost or a flying head with a long neck that made people panic in the Daily Building, Zhen and I came to the security room, hoping to understand the situation at that time from the mouth of He Xi, a security guard who had witnessed his real body. Unfortunately, when we arrived, he Xi was on patrol. While waiting for him to come back, in order to pass the time, I took out his and Huang Yu's information from the filing cabinet and learned that their basic information was as follows: He Xi, male, 23 years old, high school education, height 173cm, unmarried. Huang Yu, male, 26 years old, college degree, 181cm in height, unmarried. The number 181cm caught my attention. If the person who left the shoe print in the women's bathroom was not a flying head or a monster who could walk through the wall, but a normal person, then the security guard who was dozing off was more or less suspicious. But,push back racking system, of course, you can't tell just by the height that he sneaked into the ladies' room to play tricks, and it's the height I calculated.

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