Kui Niu Ji

The second volume again out of the paste 32, Phoenix flying.

Xuan turtle can sleep again, at this time also can not stand someone in their ears like thunder drums ah, how to say that these two are also Lingbao and so on. He opened his eyes in a daze and listened to the constant thunder roaring in his ears. He thought it was caused by the change of weather, but suddenly he thought that he had gone to the bottom of the mountain before he fell asleep? When he thought about it again, he knew that someone was looking for trouble. At that moment, he paddled lightly through the earth like swimming in the water, and exposed a big head at a cliff. Seeing the little golden turtle beating the drum happily, Xuan Gui felt very angry. "Don't you want to live, little turtle?" He shouted at the little turtle? Don't you know that you dare to come here to play drums and disturb my sleep? Xuan Gui Tudun was silent. Little Jin Ao did not feel that there was suddenly a big head behind him. When he heard the roar, he turned his head and saw a pair of big eyes staring at him on a head bigger than his own body. He was stunned. Little Kirin saw Jin Ao and Xuan Gui's eyes facing each other, but he didn't know how to run. He jumped up anxiously on the ROC's shoulder and waved his two paws again and again: "Little Jin Ao, run, run.." It took little Jin Ao a long time to react. Instead of running away, he said to the turtle, "I'm not a turtle. You're a turtle. I'm Jin Ao. Do you understand Jin Ao? Do you know that I have the blood of a dragon?" Xuan Gui was stunned, but he didn't expect this little golden turtle to be so bold. It took him a long time to come to his senses, and he was furious. So he opened his big mouth and took a deep breath, ready to give the little golden turtle a fierce one. As soon as I inhaled, I realized that it was wrong. Since the little golden turtle began to beat the drum on its head, the river has been controlling the big array. When it moves up,pallet rack shelving, the land under it is hard. When it shows its head and shouts to the little golden turtle, the whole mountain range and the earth have been connected into one, and the vitality of heaven and earth in the mountain has been drawn into the big array. How can it still suck it. When he realized that he was not ready to move his limbs, he found that the mountains and the land were out of his control. By this time, it was too late. The continuous mountains and the land that he had carefully selected for many days had trapped him alive. Little Jin Ao trusted Jiang Liubo so much that he felt that since the powerful Kui Niu master could send himself here, there must be no danger. Seeing Xuan Gui inhaling, it not only did not run,heavy duty cantilever racks, but also raised a small drum, facing Xuan Gui is a "thump". Xuan Gui was trapped, his magic power was mostly sealed, and he was so close to a thunder, although there was no harm to him, but that anger, ah, when he saw the river waves shaking over his head, and saw the culprit who had burned his tail last time, his big eyes had begun to fire. You Xuan Turtle, do you know you are wrong? Last time we came to Beiguluzhou, we were attacked by you innocently, and I don't care about you. Seeing that you are still spiritual, you are also predestined with me, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, so I have come to accept you into the mountain, into my mountain gate, to be a general to watch the mountain for me, would you like to? Jiang Liubo said this is elated, he hit this Xuan turtle idea is not a day or two, now finally trapped Xuan turtle, of course, is "predestined with me". He had read countless novels in his previous life, in which anyone who wanted to receive people and snatch treasures must first come to a sentence "Predestined relationship with me". After reading a lot of these words, he felt that this sentence was the only one that went back and forth. Was it annoying? Now I say it myself, but I feel very comfortable. When Xuan Gui heard his words, he was even angrier. "You trapped me with this trick. I'm not a hero. Even if I die, I won't do anything for you to watch and guard the mountain.". Unless you let me fight and convince me. Jiang Liubo naturally knew that he would not follow him as soon as he said it, let alone let it fight with him. It is so big, not to mention the huge fighting, if it causes some disasters, it is not good, let alone look at the small eyes of the Xuan turtle, know that it mostly has the idea of escaping as soon as it is released. Ignoring him, he said to little Jin Ao, "I passed on your magical powers the day before yesterday. You just practiced on his head. His skull is big enough and hard enough. You don't have to worry about hurting him. Just do your best.". ” When little Jin Ao heard the order, he gave two strange cries of excitement and drove the dark clouds around the big head of the Xuan Turtle. The purple electric hammer in his hand crackled on the fishing drum, and the thunder, which was not very skilled, hit the head of the Xuan Turtle. Small golden turtle hit Xuan turtle, naturally is unable to move, even if it has Lingbao in hand, but also can barely be regarded as harassment. It's just a little more humiliating to jump on someone's head. The ROC had to come up to see Xuan Gui trapped in the mountains and being used as a target on his head by Xiao Jinao to practice his magical powers. He looked so angry that he couldn't bear to say in his heart, "Elder brother, isn't it too much? If we humiliate him like this, will he yield to us?" Jiang Liubo smiled and said, "You caught two wild animals, and today I will barbecue in front of the mountain.". I'll talk to you as I eat. The ROC put down the small unicorn, turned around and flew outside the big array, and caught two wild animals back. Jiang Liubo roasted the animal meat and said, "But you think this Xuan turtle is so big, and it's a little silly. It looks like an upright man, so you think I've gone too far with it?" Dapeng nodded repeatedly. Jiang Liubo said with a smile, "The first time we saw it, the rosefinch burned its tail. When it struck me, it was afraid of my chaotic thunder wings and confronted me for a long time. Then I left. Did it ever attack?" At that time, Jiang Liubo and Xuan Gui confronted each other for a long time, and then retreated. The ROC is still vivid in my mind. Naturally, I knew the answer. I nodded and answered, "Never." "After we left last time,metal racking systems, he changed his place and found such a big mountain to hide in. Do you think he is indomitable?" "No!" The ROC is also clear about this point. The big demon or strange beast in the flood and famine has the concept of territory. If it is not at the critical moment of life and death, it will not change its territory. This Xuan turtle is huge and has few opponents. It has changed its territory and hidden itself before it really fights. Naturally, it is not as upright as the ROC thought. kingmoreracking.com

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