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Although this hotel looks safe, but everything is not good, if the second uncle really has that idea, he must ask out to be heard by others, the consequences are extremely terrible.

Listen to another woman to answer: "I do not like wild man, two elder sisters do not say the doctor has the heart that cuts a share?"? If you are a good person, do it to the end. You usually pretend to be a woman's husband, and take it down from Elder Martial Brother Hei. Why do you bother to give him a little trouble when you are about to wake up? The second sister is as beautiful as a fairy, so sometimes she has to avoid suspicion. If she wants to be as ugly as I am, she will only save him. I am not afraid of him. "Fourth Sister, what are you talking nonsense about?" The young girl said angrily as she kept on massaging? If I have a little view of the children of the world, I will not care about him. But this person is a little dull, wake up to see me must thank, a lot of stereotypes I am not used to. Fortunately, Qi and blood had already melted, and he was going to make him fall asleep and wake up after he was cured. What hardship did he have? The black girl replied, "In my opinion, the pain in my heart is even worse than that of the seven evil palms. Otherwise, I should have woken up long ago.". "He's just out of danger after such a serious injury. Why should he be made to worry?" yuanyuan recognized that it was a black woman's accent, and knew that this woman was the most difficult to speak. Listening to her tone, it was clear that she had been seen through pretending to sleep. She thought to herself, "The young girl has become a fairy. She has saved her life with deep gratitude, and it is hard to repay her death. How can she pretend to sleep deliberately just to enjoy the warmth?"? Although the heart is only love and gratitude, and no evil thoughts, in reason is always incompatible, and then be called broken, how can you be ashamed? Just as she was about to open her eyes and thank her, the girl was already angry. "Why is Fourth Sister incoherent today?" She asked angrily? Again such as nonsense, I tell black elder brother, want you to look good! "Don't be angry, good sister," said the black girl with a smile. Blame me. I'm too lazy to deal with strangers. See you when you are young. "Don't go, Fourth Sister!" The girl shouted. There was no answer at the bottom. yuan Kui wanted to open his eyes, but the black girl had gone. He thought there was no one in the room. He didn't wake up early or late. If he woke up at this time, he was afraid that the girl would be oversensitive. After a while, he felt that the qi and pulse of his whole body were all unobstructed, and that the other party was massaging with his own hands. There was no reason why he didn't know. If he didn't wake up again, he was afraid of causing misunderstanding again. He was in a dilemma when he heard another young girl call out, "Miss, Mrs. Tai said that people can't move after they wake up. They still have to sleep in Miss's study so that they can take care of her nearby. It will take at least a hundred days to recover." Everything should be done for the sake of the old man,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and ask the young lady to find time to go to the upper room. "Mrs. Tai still has something to say." "Young girl square answer:" Know, do not want much, I can go in see too madam. With that, Chao yuanyuan rubbed his sides twice more and said, "Xiaoyan, if you wait here, you can tell him that it's best not to move like this. Otherwise, when he was under the palm of the Seven Evil Spirits, although he relied on his pure internal strength to protect his heart with True Qi, he was not broken by the enemy and escaped death.". However, the method of the dog's palm was so powerful that with all his strength, the True Qi was scattered and rushed into the side points, resulting in the stagnation of Qi and blood, and even the viscera suffered losses. At least three days to get out of bed, within a hundred days still can not move at will, recklessly use their strength. It's better to adjust the breath according to his teacher's instruction, so that the True Qi will return to one and flow slowly. Even if you see me coming, you can't sit up and move. Although he and I have never met, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but I and his good friend black boy love is better than flesh and blood, suffering deep friendship, but also the friendship of the same door, since asked me to cure, duty-bound. I am not a worldly woman, and I don't need to be polite when I meet you. "I'll go inside and tell the first lady a few words, and I'll come when I'm young." Then he walked away. yuan could not remember how to speak to people when he woke up, so he felt that he could hide it only when he stopped and opened his eyes. As soon as the girl left, she was about to open her eyes and inquire about the waiting maid, Xiaoyan. With a slight movement of her head, she suddenly felt that the bones of her whole body were scattered. Although the previous strange pain and numbness had gone nine times out of ten, her back and heart were still apathetic. Her neck, shoulders and back were very sore and could not turn. She could not help saying "alas". That Xiaoyan is also a clever and beautiful young girl, see him wake up, open one's mouth to say: "Xu Xianggong cannot turn, the word also does not say much, the young lady comes back to have an arrangement oneself." Having heard that the young girl's words were really meant for him, yuanyuan said in a low voice, "Thank you, Miss Qin, for saving my life. I woke up early because I knew I was hurt too badly. I remembered what my master had taught me when we broke up, so I didn't dare to act rashly.". Thanks to the kindness of the young lady who did not avoid the suspicion of men and women, I will never forget it. To go on, Xiaoyan was surprised and whispered, "Master Xu, your Second Elder Martial Brother is here.". ” yuanyuan's residence is the hostess's study, with mountains and rivers, built according to circumstances, ingenious and ingenious, with sparse flowers and trees outside, quite a garden victory, bright and clean windows in the room, elegant furnishings. Because the host is a civil and military all-rounder woman, sometimes Tianxiang read at night, and occasionally stayed in the room. This time, because yuan Kui was seriously injured, he saw that he first met in a wine shop, and then peeked at the scribe who was competing with him in the pine forest on the lawn opposite the black woman's residence. Knowing that he was a Duan, he had a good impression on him first. Entrusted by the black boy again, he had no time to think about it, so he went straight to the study where he often played the piano, read, played and practiced the sword. When I lay down on the couch, I remembered that although this room was not my own bedroom, because the local house was bright and the water and wood were bright, it was a place for daily banquets, sitting and reading, and sometimes sleeping in it, how could I leave strangers here to recuperate? I wanted to move to another room, but I also thought that this person was seriously injured, and the whole family had only two people, mother and daughter, and a maidservant Xiaoyan. Although there were several houses, it was not as good as living in seclusion for a short time. There were not many boudoir companions, and there was not much to return. Other pavilions were dedicated to sightseeing, but there was no bedding. It was too late to prepare in a hurry, and people could not move after they woke up. Then I thought that I usually pretended to be the husband of a woman,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and that I was free to come and go in the same door. I often traveled side by side to save the poor. Men and women traveled thousands of miles away, and they were all generous as if nothing had happened. They usually got along with each other and talked and laughed freely. I never thought of avoiding suspicion. How could I have such an idea today? Consciously funny, he stopped the previous thought and stopped moving.

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