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"Oh!"! I'm fine! I'm fine! Don't worry, sister-in-law. "Well, do you want to go home this weekend?" "No, I have to stay at school to design. My uncle is bored to death." Xiang Lan hung up the phone, raised his eyebrows, and Li Xingda ca

"Oh!"! I'm fine! I'm fine! Don't worry, sister-in-law. "Well, do you want to go home this weekend?" "No, I have to stay at school to design. My uncle is bored to death." Xiang Lan hung up the phone, raised his eyebrows, and Li Xingda called her brother? This is a little strange. She took out her cell phone and turned out the text message that Li Xingda had not read. It was very brief. "Please contact me when you turn on the phone." She turned out Wang Runqiu's text message again, as sour as ever, she said, "Xiang Lan, your true face has been exposed, what else is there to say?" She laughed, bumped into a hard chest, looked up, but saw Li Xingda blocking the door of the logistics office, frowning and looking at her disapprovingly. Chapter 13 "President?" Xiang Lan stepped back and covered his forehead with hard muscles. "Why are you here?" Li Xingda's nose was full of the fragrance of her body, a trace of lemon flavor, he bowed his head, "to find you." She pushed the door into the office and saw the exhibition board against the wall, one of which had been completed more than half. It seemed that Deng Yifan's speed was very good. "What's the matter?" He looked at her doubtfully. "Are you all right?" Xiang Lan's skin is white and red,Fiberglass tape measure, her eyes are black and shiny, she is full of energy, and she is in a good mood. It's all right! She took off her schoolbag and put it on her desk, looked around the room, and ran to the corner to find the drawings she had thrown away yesterday. Li Xingda leaned on his desk, followed her, saw her checking in the corner for a while, then ran to the trash can and said,fish measuring tape, "What are you looking for?" "A picture, a picture I lost yesterday." There is no special cleaning aunt in the office, and the members take turns to clean up by themselves. It should be gone. Li Xingda said, "Yesterday afternoon, Yifan and Runqiu were busy here for a long time, and then sent the garbage to the big public trash can outside." "Ah-" Xiang Lan was disappointed. " What painting? Is it important? "It's all right. It's the first draft of my design." Li Xingda frowned. "This is very important. I'll see if I can find it." Xiang Lan gaped at him as he ran out. There was a big iron bucket dustbin at the intersection outside the office. There would be special sanitation workers to collect it twice a day in the morning and evening. If the time was before they arrived, they could really get it back. She threw away the things in her hands and ran out, only to see him pull out a huge black garbage bag from the bucket and half squat on the ground to pick it up carefully. Chairman, don't look for it, right? I'll just draw another first draft- "Xiang Lan stood behind him and whispered," This is not very good! " "Bi Shi is very important, and inspiration is gone when it is lost." Li Xingda unfolded the spitballs one by one and put them aside. "Look, do you have any?" Xiang Lan frowned and looked at the discarded paper. Fortunately, Walking measuring wheel ,Horse weight lbs, there were all office buildings nearby. There were many waste paper balls and all kinds of wrapping paper in the trash cans. There was no rotten food. Otherwise, it would be too unsightly. She crouched beside him and picked up a branch to play with the paper. "No." Li Xingda sorted out all the pieces of paper. After she denied them one by one, she went to pull the garbage bags in another trash can. Xiang Lan couldn't, so she had to wrap her hands with two pieces of slightly clean paper and put the garbage back on the ground. Chairman, I'll draw it again. It's not necessary. Xiang Lan stopped him. "Besides, I have a better idea now, and I would have drawn it again." "Then why were you looking for it?" "Because I'm used to collecting all my paintings." That's it. Stand aside and I'll help you find it. Don't get in the way. Cold face said such words, really do not understand the amorous feelings, no wonder Wang Runqiu handed four years of eye waves have no effect. Xiang Lan looked at him squatting on the ground, his expression was serious, obviously not like a polite look, he could not stand aside and watch, squatting over, said, "President, what did you talk about with my brother yesterday?" Li Xingda glanced at her. "Nothing." "My brother is a bit of a scum. Don't fall into his trap." Xiang Lan received the benefits of others and immediately betrayed his eldest brother. Nothing. He just cares about you. "He bowed his head and separated the spitballs one by one." Apologizing to the boss is very sincere, and there is no substantial harm to me. " "President, I'm sorry." "You apologized yesterday, and you apologize today. Am I a cheapskate in your heart?" Li Xingda rarely made a joke. Of course not. Xiang Lan immediately denied it and said, "I called Yifan in the morning. She said you came to me yesterday because of something.". President, what is it? He glanced at Xiang Lan, hesitated for a moment, and said, "about Wang Runqiu." What happened to her? Are you still mad at me? Xiang Lan smiled and said, "She called and texted me yesterday, but she didn't say exactly what it was." "If she contacts you later, please don't accept any of her requests." "You must tell me!" Li Xingda sighed, "Last night, after Yifan finished writing and returned to the dormitory, she said that her wrist was recovering better, and proposed to me to re-participate in the work of the exhibition board, especially the theme painting." Xiang Lan smiled angrily, "does Yifan know?" He has a headache. "Yifan usually looks easy to talk to, but I really dare not talk to her because of his temper.". You usually look careless and have no sense of propriety, but you won't make big mistakes at the critical moment, so I'll talk to you first. "No way." Xiang Lan got up and spread out the spitballs one by one. "President, we have agreed beforehand that we are only responsible for you. There should be no other people in the middle.". A man can't break his word with a mouthful of saliva and a nail, can he? "Of course." He said, "I turned her down last night, but I can't guarantee that she won't come to you in private.". If she goes to find you, you should hold a sail and don't confront her directly. Otherwise "Otherwise, we will suffer." Xiang Lan twisted her face. "Oh, my God, she's so awkward. She's really convinced." Li Xingda bowed his head,cattle weight tape, stuffed the garbage except the paper ball back into the trash can, and spliced all kinds of scraps of paper without feeling dirty. From these aspects, his character value is very high. tapemeasure.net

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