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"Oh!"! I'm fine! I'm fine! Don't worry, sister-in-law. "Well, do you want to go home this weekend?" "No, I have to stay at school to design. My uncle is bored to death." Xiang Lan hung up the phone, raised his eyebrows, and Li Xingda ca

At this point, a man next to him suddenly interrupted and said, "Thanks to the wisdom of our adults and the ability of the county government officials, we have cleared away the grievances of the police chief Huo. It is also the luck of the police chief Huo. The adults have taken a fancy to his excellent skills and promoted him to the police chief. In fact, he is also a good man.". What do you say? When they heard this and looked back, they all recognized that it was the young fellow Wang'er of Keyuan. At the moment, the magistrate of Baixian County was inside, and he could indeed be called an "honest and upright official." At that moment, they all echoed: "Yes, my brother is right." But Wang looked at Zhao with a smile and asked, "Where did you come from?" "Zhao Yi took a glance at him and saw that he was not very annoying." I came from Yuhang, "he said. "Look at your appearance," said Wang'er. "You must be a great man. It's really rare for you to come to a small place like ours." Zhao Yi was looking into the house, but when he heard this and glanced at him, he felt that the man was really noisy, so he took a step forward and vaguely saw Bai Qinghui in the yard, talking to two villagers. He couldn't hold back and walked over. Wanger stared at Zhao Yi's back, rolling his eyes, trying to stop, but not daring. The cloud servant girl was looking at the dead in the room, because she felt that there was something strange in the room, but for a moment she could not see what it was. When I was absorbed, I suddenly heard the sound outside, but it was unforgettable. Just at this moment, there was a change in the corpse in front of us. The cloud servant girl covered her mouth tightly,Diameter tape measure, her eyes wide open, and the creepy scenes in front of her and the characters separated by a wall outside were all like hallucinations, but they were ten thousand times worse than hallucinations. Ma Da's corpse moved and leaned over. The cloud servant girl instinctively stepped back, and if she hadn't tried to control herself, she would have almost turned around and escaped. She stared at the scene in front of her, but saw that Ma Da's eyes were also staring at her, the whole person a crooked, rolled down from the couch. In an instant, the basin of water was turned over. A scream came from his throat and was immediately suppressed. The cloud servant girl involuntarily stepped back,Surveyors tape measure, but when she looked back at the window and thought of who might be standing outside, she stopped, covered her mouth with trembling, and squatted slowly along the wall. And outside, because Zhao Yi came uninvited, Bai Qinghui suddenly turned around. As expected, he was "elusive and erratic", which was elusive and impossible to guard against. From day to day, until now, Bai Qinghui can't count how many times he was scared by Zhao Yi. He suddenly appeared at the county government office; he had passed Xiaotenghua Hutong; he said that the cloud servant girl was "right here"; they went to the garden and met the captors talking about "Dianshi"; he wanted to follow them to the scene, and he did come to the scene.. Know which time, Bai Qinghui's heart will follow the severe tightening. This man is born to torture people. Had it not been for the fact that Qinghui was born like this, he would have rarely panicked when things happened, but he would have been unable to control himself and give himself away. What's more, in front of Zhao Yi, the prince's eyes were sharp and his mind was sensitive, and if there was any difference, tape measure clip ,Walking tape measure, it would be difficult to escape his eyes. Looking at each other, Zhao Yi saw that Bai Qinghui looked "slightly cold", and did not know the indescribable taste of Qinghui's heart at the moment, only when Qinghui was annoyed that he had come without authorization. Zhao Yi pretended not to be interested. He looked around and asked, "Didn't you say that someone was killed?"? Why didn't you see a dead body? Lifted his nose and sniffed. "Oh, inside?" When he stepped to have a look, Bai Qinghui raised his hand and raised the sleeve of his robe to block him. Zhao Yi stopped and looked down, only to hear Qinghui say in a low and cold voice, "Prince, have you forgotten what I said before?" At this moment, Zhao Yi felt in his heart. There's something wrong. Bai Qinghui seemed to be a little too cold to him. At first, Zhao Yi thought it was because he had not seen him for years and was old, and Bai Qinghui was released as an official. He was no longer like a teenager in the past. But for a while, in Qinghui's words, beyond the extreme cold, there seemed to be a faint. Zhao Yi looked into his eyes and tried to think about what made him "uneasy" in a trance. At this moment, I suddenly heard a sound of "Peng" in the room, and then, as if something had been knocked over, it was like water, clattering. Zhao Yi had no time to think about the feeling, so he asked, "Who's inside? What's going on?" Qing Hui's lips were closed tightly, and he was as calm and self-restrained as he was, but he did not know how to answer at the moment. Fortunately, Uncle Meng just arrived. As soon as Qinghui's eyes moved, he said lightly, "It's the historian who is checking the scene. Uncle Meng, go and help as soon as possible. Remember to be careful. Don't touch anything." Meng Shu saluted and hurried into the door. Zhao Yi and Bai Qinghui were left standing in confrontation, and most of the people next to him did not know the identity of Zhao Yi, only to see him come in as if no one else was there, and they all looked at each other and talked about each other. Bai Qinghui could not think of any way to break the deadlock. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yi couldn't understand the feeling in his heart, so he smiled at Qinghui and said, "You're not really angry, are you?"? I just think. Although Qinghui saw a smile on his face, he did not dare to slack off. He only said, "As I said before, human life is at stake. It's not a funny thing. And it's a family of four who died today. Is it possible for the prince.." Do you think this is funny? Zhao Yi listened to these words, "Ah", thought: "No wonder he is not happy, so many people died. Then he said, "Well, well, am I being abrupt?"? I don't want to see it. How about not disturbing Bai Zhi County to settle the case? Zhao Yi said with a smile, raised his hands, took another glance at the door of the room, and finally turned around and went out. Qing Hui has been staring at him, watching him walk out of the door, the hands clenched in the cuff slowly loosened, at the moment, the palm of the hand has already been soaked with cold sweat. Although Zhao Yi had gone, Qinghui still dared not neglect him. He was thinking about the noise inside just now and wanted to go in and see if the cloud servant girl was all right. But when he got to the door, he saw the blood red under the light and was tottering. Huo Cheng hurried forward to hold,horse weight tape, at the moment, the head of the room came the voice of Meng Kui, anxiously called to go to the doctor.

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