The mountain moon doesn't know what's in her heart.

"Humph!"! Three great families, just so so! With a cold snort, the figure soon disappeared in the shadow of Yin, as if he had never appeared before.

Xiang yuan left home in a hurry, did not even say hello to Ye Binglin and his wife, let Ye Yun chase far away, she did not answer. Maybe the next time we meet, maybe the next time we meet, she will smile at him without a grudge, but not yet, she needs time, even if only a little time. Chapter 23 From the day she decided to find her own way out, Xiangyuan formally began the process of looking for a job. The first place she sent her resume was Yongkai Group, a place famous for its cruel competition. If Jiangyuan is a successful local enterprise, then Yongkai is a giant. Its owner, Zhang's several generations of wealthy businessmen, has a close relationship with the government after the founding of New China. Although there have been many disasters in the past ten years, it started again in real estate in the early 1980s. Today, the enterprise has expanded into a listed group company integrating real estate development, biochemistry and electronics. Zhang Jinmeng, a well-known taxpayer in the province and the current head of Yongkai, is also a deputy to the National People's Congress and a leader of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce. The living room on the 17th floor of the Yongkai Building is scattered with dozens of people. With such a high population density and without any compulsory restrictions, this is the second quietest place in Xiangyuan's impression after the library. At the second interview of Yongkai's annual job fair,Chinese spa manufacturer, Xiangyuan experienced the rush to buy at the end of the year during the first test, as well as the crowded scene of the first test in a star-rated hotel. Xiangyuan felt that he was able to sit here today, no matter whether he was finally admitted or not, it was a long experience. The living room was eerily quiet, except for the tiny sound of pages turning and the sweet voice of the front desk lady of the personnel department: "Next, XXX.". The footsteps in and out of the small reception room were heavy or relaxed, some of them went and returned in less than three minutes,whirlpool hot tub, some of them stayed inside for a quarter of an hour, and when they came out, the corners of their mouths naturally had a faint color. Probably can survive to this step is a big or small "elite", to think, is the "elite" are left behind independent? Otherwise, why did these well-dressed people around her sit upright? The eyes are indifferent, the face is reserved, obviously waiting is so boring and long, no one and no one talk to each other, not looking intently at the material in hand, or thinking alone. Xiang yuan knew that although she had a brilliant resume when she walked out of school, sitting in this place where sea turtles gathered and talented people gathered was really unremarkable. But she didn't think it would be helpful to be nervous about the interview at this time, but she had nothing else to do, so she had to open the publicity magazine of Yongkai until she felt that the vacancy beside her had been filled. Xiang yuan raised his head and glanced at the person who had just sat beside her. His eyes were too late to guard against it, endless pool swim spa ,endless pool factory, and they were shaken. No wonder she is rare and strange, in the interview scene where the main color is either black or white, suddenly there is such a person, just like a small piece of cinnabar splashed on a solemn ink painting. The woman beside her was dressed in a bright orange dress, with black eyebrows, red lips and a bright face. Xiangyuan did not know when the woman entered the living room, at least at first she did not see-such a striking appearance and dress, walking in the commercial shopping area or nightclub where beautiful women gathered, should be noticed, but it is somewhat strange to appear in this place. Hi. The orange beauty touched the distant line of sight and said hello generously. Out of the corner of his eye, he had seen many people around him casually looking at them. She made sure that the object of greeting was herself, not others, and then smiled. It was one of her rules of life not to be hostile to strangers. The other side also showed her a brilliant smile, under the face, more obvious eyes and white teeth. If this orange dress appeared on another person, Xiangyuan would probably feel like a bottle of walking orange, but the woman in front of her made her feel very comfortable, perhaps because the person wearing this dress had fair skin and clear eyes, at least not annoying. It's so quiet. It's so quiet, like a memorial service. The beauty lowered her voice and said to Xiang yuan. Xiang yuanxin felt sorry for him and nodded with a smile. The beautiful woman got a response, and then she leaned closer to her and said earnestly, "You look a bit like Lu Mingjun when you smile.". ” Xiang yuan actually did not know who Lu Mingjun was, nor did he know whether the other side's words were positive or negative, so he gave the other side a sentence, "Thank you, when you don't smile, you look like Ingrid?"? Baoman 。” Ingrid? Baoman "Suddenly laughed to the skies," interesting, interesting. I knew you were the most interesting person here. You dress much more individually than they do. Xiangyuan glanced down at his omnipotent white shirt and wisely chose not to answer her comments. The woman seemed to find that her approach was somewhat abrupt, so she introduced herself with a smile: "Hello, my name is Zhang Yue." Later, Xiang yuan once asked Zhang Yue, "Why did you wear such a strange color the first day I saw you?" Zhang Yue replied, "Before I appeared in Yongkai that day, I hadn't been out in the daytime for a month and a half, so I wanted to pick a sunny color.". I thought I looked good in it. She also asked Xiangyuan, "During the interview that day, it was so quiet that no one said anything. Why did you talk to me?" Xiang yuan said, "Usually people dressed like you appear in the company are either the daughter of the boss or the little honey of the leader, both of which I don't want to offend." Of course, these are the last words. At that time, Xiang yuan and Zhang Yue, who were sitting next to each other, did not know that they would become friends later. They said hello and introduced themselves to each other. The topic was still pitiful. Bored,hot tub manufacturers, Zhang Yue asked Xiang yuan in a low voice, "There are so many men sitting here, which one do you think is the most stylish?" 。

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