Brothers of the Tuan Fan Family [Summary]

Bored into the river into a stone, silently watching it sink to the bottom of the water, sitting on the grass Yuzao hugged his knees to start.

Bored into the river into a stone, silently watching it sink to the bottom of the water, sitting on the grass Yuzao hugged his knees to start. Suddenly aware of something, Yuzao suddenly came to her senses and quickly threw her sword from the storage scroll in her sleeve in a certain direction behind her. The next second, she heard the sound of metal collision. Yuzao looked back alertly and saw that she was holding a bitter pillar. She immediately lost her strength and sat down again. Seeing this, the pillar put away his bitterness and sat down beside Yuzao, staring at him for a long time, as if he wanted to find the emotion in his eyes through the mask. Yuzao was stared at by him so that his scalp was hairy, and he stared back mercilessly, "What are you looking at?" "No, I thought you were going to jump on me and kill me." Yuzao didn't want to go against the AB God so early. Without saying anything, she picked up a stone and made a beautiful float. I'm sorry about the other day. Although the two sides are hostile forces and there are no children on the battlefield, under such circumstances, the pillars full of "love" trying to change the world are sorry in the end. Nothing, anyway, I'm still alive, but you, from the beginning you know we are Uchiha people, why not do it? Uchiha killed a lot of your people. "A thousand hands have not killed the Uchiha people." This attitude of "each other" made Yuzao speechless, but he opened the conversation box between the pillars, talked at length about the current world situation and the negative effects of war, and actively expressed his desire to change this situation. Hearing this, Yuzao was so ashamed that she kept crying in her heart: You can say these words to my brother. Do you really think a four-year-old kid can understand the grand blueprint you described? No matter how precocious a normal child is,ceramic bobbin element, he can't understand it at this age! "What do you think?" At the end of the long speech, the pillars can't wait to be recognized by others. Yuzao, who was not listening at all, said dryly, "I think you have good teeth." The atmosphere stagnated for a few seconds, just when Yuzao thought he was going to get angry and hurt people, the pillars burst out laughing, "You also think my idea is absurd,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, isn't it? Between families and families, between countries and countries, how can the resentment and hatred accumulated from the thousand-year war be resolved? Rome wasn't built in a day, and it takes a long struggle to thaw." But someone needs to take the lead, and I only hope that my next generation and the next generation can witness a peaceful future. So it's no use for you to talk to me. I can find my brother if I need to. Yuzao silently added that although his brother is not very reliable now, as an officially certified good friend of yours, he should support you. When you both become the patriarch of the clan in the future, you can change the world. At that time, it was estimated that the grass on his grave was three feet high. Well, he really didn't want to admit that he would die young. Seeing that Yuzao suddenly became melancholy, the pillar thought that he was also worried about how to stop the war and win the dawn of peace, so he could not help spitting and talking more vigorously. It was not easy to get rid of the pillars. When I got home, the sun had gone down. Naturally, I missed dinner time. Seeing the spot waiting anxiously outside the door with an expression of wanting to go out to look for it but afraid of missing it, Yuzao ran over and threw herself into his arms, acting like a spoiled child, cordierite c520 ,7g Ozone Generator, "Brother Spot, I miss you ~" In my mind, the screen was full of the words "I miss you" in all kinds of colorful fonts. How could I care about anything else? I forgot about his late return to Java. I happily picked up my brother and went to the room, settled him on the bedding, and went to work on his dinner. Quan Nai, sitting at his desk, looked up from a pile of volumes. "Where have you been so late, little brother?" "Nothing." With Quan Nai's character, he knew that he would never agree to play with the people of the Thousand Hands clan, so Yuzao didn't want to say much, so he got up and went to his side to have a look, and by the way, he changed the subject, "Quan Nai brother, what are you doing?" Picking up an open scroll, it was a long-winded complaint from the Ministry of Endurance, saying that he was short of money and materials, the purpose of which was obviously to apply for funds. Yuzao usually lacks any forbearance to go to them to get, as long as the procedures are formal and do not need any money, he does not know whether other places are such a policy, nor does he know how much the monthly share of the clan is, so he did not express any views. Change a scroll, write all kinds of complaints of the medical class, even if the lack of money, after the last attack of the Shuihua clan, a serious shortage of personnel, hope to allocate a group of talented people in the clan. Quan Nai has to deal with all kinds of big and small clan affairs every day. He doesn't want to say these trivial things to make Yuzao upset. Instead, he comforts Yuzao with a few words, "Nothing. Most of them are exaggerated. They are just complaints." Yuzao didn't think they were exaggerating. He knew best how many people had been killed or injured in the medical squad. If he hadn't stepped forward, it would have been all destroyed. As far as he knew, the Uchiha clan didn't run any business under their names, and the iron ore mine was almost finished. He frowned and pondered for a moment and then asked, "Brother Izuna, are we really short of money?" Quan Nai sighed, and after a moment of silence, he could only tell the truth, "In this era, productivity is backward, and people are even more precarious in the war years, not only for territory and power, but also for the plunder of resources, war.." It is the fastest means. "Why not go into business." No, I want to go left. In the war years, even the head is on the waistband of the trousers, how can we talk about business? It's not just the problem of the Uchiha clan, it's the same for everyone. Quan Nai has modified the cruel reality, but Yuzao is not a four-year-old child after all, after listening to the heart is very heavy, for the first time to understand the mentality of the pillar to change the status quo. Maybe Yuzao can change all this. Quan Nai suddenly said so. Yuzao was stunned at first, then laughed out loud and shook his head repeatedly. "I can't do it. Besides, I don't have such a lofty ambition." So,ceramic bobbin heater core, what is Yuzao's ambition? How far can your writing wheel eye see? As soon as Yuzao's voice fell, he stared at Quan Nai's face in horror, trying to find some traces on his face.

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