The glory of Germany

Bored into the river into a stone, silently watching it sink to the bottom of the water, sitting on the grass Yuzao hugged his knees to start.

Of the remaining four companies, two companies of the 1st Battalion of the 2227th Infantry Regiment of the Soviet Border Guard were stationed in the area south of Kiwiwil, which was not attacked by air, and survived. The last two companies stood by further south in the Grandyville area, again without loss. In fact, their area was designated as the focus of German bombing before the war. The ground guide of the German Air Force later commented on the air raid as "satisfied with the heavy bombers except HE-177 and JU-88". The "folly" was that the HE-177 2nd Air Force JU-88 _ bombers, which were supposed to attack the German Army's Fifth Air Force in the second carpet bombing in the area south of Jiuwawil to Dimoville, had mistargeted and blocked the advance of German armored and engineer assault troops due to the fog caused by ground smoke. At that time, there was heavy fog over the bombing area,ceramic igniter electrodes, so the team mistakenly dropped the bomb on the wheat field in the Meshinel-Foremende area south of the target. As a result, the precious assault guns of the four companies of the 200th Artillery Battalion of the Soviet Army avoided the gift that should have fallen on their heads. After the bombing, the surviving Soviets knew. The German attack is about to begin. And it's imminent. Part Six Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Deja Vu Plans Updated: January 7, 2009 2:50:18 Words in this Chapter: 2122 However,ceramic bobbin heater, after the bombing, the German army did not immediately take action. On the contrary. After the last heavy bomber left the bombing area, their artillery began to fire heavily again. The surviving Soviet officers and soldiers who had just climbed out of the shooting hole had to hide in the hole again in panic. And the German shelling was even more terrible. The terrible thing about them is that they still use the way of dense barrage, and the way of German shelling makes the defensive Russians more helpless. They don't know why the Germans are playing so many tricks in this small place. And what's more, every pattern is greeting them. At this time, in a German artillery observation post on the west bank of the Umis River, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Band Heater, the German Army General William, who planned the operation. However, the gray and white smoke wrapped up the whole position of the other side. 。 He couldn't see the opposite side at all, but his face was still full of smiles. This is a firepower preparation carefully planned by him, which includes a well-organized tactical bombing of thousands of planes and intensive artillery preparations. The German air force and logistics departments worked inside and outside for half a month. The Luftwaffe, in particular, emptied the eastern front of all the flying bombers and most of the dive bombers in order to complete this huge plan. In addition, the German Air Force will have four heavy strategic bomber wings originally stationed in France and Norway, totaling 1300. The German logistics department began to store ammunition desperately. Soon they had stockpiled a large number of shells for the attack, including 400,000 rounds of 150-meter shells and 150 rounds of 105-meter shells, which exceeded the output of the German Arsenal in two months. It is precisely because of the arrival of these planes and so many artillery shells that Ji Ming has enough confidence to face his plan. I saw that the whole plan was carried out very smoothly. The German officers standing next to Ji Ming were also relieved. They congratulated their eldest brother one after another, and praised how wise and powerful his eldest brother was. But at this time Ji Ming kept shaking his head. In fact, Ji Ming's breakthrough tactics are entirely borrowed from the American firepower extension plan, and the core of this plan is Bradley and Patton's famous Cobra Project. In his history. After the Normandy landings in 1944, the American army did not immediately break through northern France under the stubborn resistance of the German army. For this reason, Bradley, the commander of the US military, also felt the seriousness of the situation at this time. He understood that this method of attacking on all fronts could not achieve his goal. Especially when he realized that the offensive could not be carried out in the central part of the Cotanbut Peninsula, he resolutely planted a new offensive -- the "Cobra" offensive. In order to break through the enemy position of Ketang Dan and capture Afranche. The main idea of Bradley's Cobra Plan was to concentrate a large number of bombers on a breakthrough led by Collins in order to break the target. . The result is to make the U. S. military what? After studying this plan for Patton 7, he believed that Bradley's "Cobra" plan was a copy of his "No.1 work", which coincided with Patton's plan. It pays attention to the use of armored force and emphasizes the use of road network for longitudinal attack. Concentrate forces to carry out breakthroughs in narrow areas, give full play to air superiority,Alumina Ceramic C795, and seize Avranches as the target. Bradley's plan was more focused on units and arms than Patton's: Patton's 7th |: 3 request to go into battle, hoping to target his sortie rather than a finish like Bly's. At the same time. He also made a suggestion to Bradley to clear the way. Patton's requests and suggestions were made by Braid = 3 | Overly counting on the rapid movement of armored forces in this area. If we can use armor, but not before. | |: Quick. This was probably the hardest time of Patton's life.

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