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Nangong Ao gently scraped Sixiaoduo's nose, full of smiles, and asked with a strong desire. Namely At the palace, when you jumped into the water to save me..

I don't know if it's a mountain urine or a hill urine. Chapter 39 In winter, when it is cold, the Kang burns diligently, but there are not so many things to do, so the pot is basically covered with warm water. After burning the Kang at night, the stove pit will be blocked to keep the temperature of the stove pit longer. In this way, the heat dissipation of the heated Kang will be slower. Ye Bingniang asked her sister-in-law to go back to sleep and gave her son some warm water from the pot to wipe it casually. "It's fragrant, but it's not smelly." To prove it, he kissed his son's little face twice. Then he put the big cotton-padded jacket on his son's body and stuffed it into his daughter's bed. In fact, it was also her bed. The Westinghouse was full of two bedding, one for their mother and one for the little aunt. Little brother Ye hugged his fragrant sister completely, and did not think about the smell of urine on his body, and almost fell asleep in seconds. Ye Bing rolled her eyes in her heart, what could she say, she didn't want to say anything. She wants to sleep! As soon as Ye Bingniang got into bed, there was a knock at the gate. Aunt Lin ran out in her cotton-padded jacket and shoes, saying,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "It must be the father of the child and his uncle who have come back." Ye Bingniang also got up. Ye Bing pulled his brother's little arm out of his body, sat up quietly, and went to the ground in the dark. Ye Bingniang in the outer room opened the stove pit and poked it a few times, so that there was some light from the fire. "Aunt Lin went to open the gate, but she knew who was coming in (she could see it clearly from the outside)." Second uncle, uncle grandpa (uncle grandpa's son),wire mesh decking, where is my uncle? Ye Bing also glanced at the door. My nephew's wife (Aunt Lin) helped me to call the girl up and I took her back. He's gone, and the family is easy to talk to. It's almost dawn. Don't bother. There hasn't been a fire at home for such a long time. How cold it is. Why don't you stay here all night? "Aunt Lin is a guest." I'm up. Brother, let's go back. Where's Dad? After all, not in their own home, sleep is not solid, was awakened by the sound of opening the door to speak. The little aunt came out by herself. Father has something to do. Second nephew, niece, nephew's wife, let's go. The army pulled the sister to say hello in a circle, or left. Uncle Lin turned his head and said something to his sister-in-law. He went to see her off and followed her out. Didn't you say there was a wolf? He was a little worried. As a result, many people on the road went back to their homes. This time, more than half of the people who went to the county town to sell wolves came back. They had made a lot of money, drive in racking system ,industrial racking systems, and everyone was elated. As a result, they met a big thunder when they came back. There were many wolves in their village, more than a dozen. They were so scared that everyone's face turned white. It was a coincidence that several people were on their way in the moonlight. After entering the village, one of the nearest houses knocked on the door and no one opened it. The man was a little frightened and hurriedly shouted to several people who had not gone far. Several people discussed and went to other homes to ask, only to know that everyone lived together and the wolf came in the village, the army also knew that his sister was here with Uncle Lin, so he came with Uncle Lin. Ye Bing looked at the big aunt and her mother did not mean to sleep, then she also accompanied the second uncle to wait together. Ye Bing Niang let her daughter go to sleep, Ye Bing shook her head and refused, she also wanted to know why uncle did not come back. She already had some guesses. It was estimated that it had something to do with Granduncle. Didn't you hear Granduncle (Dajun) say that he didn't come back. Uncle Lin came back quickly and was rubbed by his cold hands on his niece's tender face. "Sister-in-law, sister, do you have anything to eat?"? Hungry After walking for such a long time, the food we ate at noon was digested early. Yes, yes. Aunt Lin carried things from the bowl shelf, and Ye Bingniang also helped. Uncle Lin also took advantage of this time to tell everyone about the experience of selling wolves. One of us set out in the middle of the night with a big basket on our back. The good guy weighed dozens of pounds. He stopped at the edge of the county town without entering the county town. Uncle Grandpa said it was too eye-catching. He was afraid of bumping into the inspection, so he asked us to find a place to take shelter from the wind and wait. He took Dajun and Big Brother away. After that, Uncle Grandpa and Dajun came back in a four-wheeled jeep and left with six baskets. My brother also came back and asked me to go with him. We carried away four baskets and sold them to two cyclists respectively. One of us asked for two baskets. We went to sixteen people this time. We carried sixteen baskets and sold ten. There were six left. Uncle Grandpa said that his friend had found a good home for him. In Linxian County, he took a few people there and the rest went home. Big brother let me come back. "Uncle Lin doesn't know exactly. He doesn't even know how much he sells it for.". But it's all right, uncle grandpa has always been careful, before selling, whose family how many catties on the scale know in mind. Don't look at their village, but it has been used for decades, and it is still so accurate. And the use is particularly extensive, every child born in Heiniutun will be weighed, once the ice girl was also weighed, five catties and two taels of fat girl (fat in that era). Ye Bing stretched out his hand to poke his uncle, and his aunt asked questions, but he was distracted. "Huh?"? What? He didn't hear clearly. Ye Bing kindly helped to repeat the question, "Aunt asked you, is Linxian far away?"? How many days do they have to return? "It will take four or five days to listen to my uncle." It must take some time to come and go. After hearing this, Aunt Lin was a little worried. The dry food she had brought was certainly not enough. Don't be hungry. Ye Bingniang thought that the second brother was tired, so he was not concentrating. "The food is hot, you eat quickly, and then go back to sleep." She can't go there. She'll move Dashan and Xiaoshan to the West Room. She'll sleep in the East Room. Yes, yes, eat quickly. It's hot. Aunt Lin lifted the lid of the pot. I'll take it. It's hot. Uncle Lin put the food directly on the stove pit and ate it with chopsticks. After eating a few big mouthfuls, he recovered. "Don't worry about your eldest brother. You can't bear hardships with your uncle." His uncle is the most capable person in Heiniutun. After dinner and tossing about, everyone went to sleep again. Because it was her brother-in-law who came back, Aunt Lin's words with her sister-in-law revealed a meaning and asked her to stay for a few more days. As soon as Ye Bingniang thought about it,push back racking system, she understood that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law lived under the same roof, and her eldest brother was not at home. Although Heiniu Tuner is our own family, we have to pay attention to it.

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