The road to immortality

There was a loud bang. The two monsters in the transformation period collided with each other. Under the collision of two. Some blood flowed from the forehead of the bloody dragon.

There was a loud bang. The two monsters in the transformation period collided with each other. Under the collision of two. Some blood flowed from the forehead of the bloody dragon. A pair of eyes of a panther. It becomes a "panda eye". And a bump on his head. Not to mention. The black flame on the panther also spread to the blood dragon. Hateful Blood dragon great anger as long as twenty Zhangs of the body suddenly a "rub", Jiao head forward a top, the panther "bang" once, hit several miles away. Boom! The panther was beaten a mile or two away, and his body crashed into the mountain wall, groaning. Seeing this scene, as well as the monks of the Extreme Flame Gate, I couldn't help being surprised. Tiemu and Qingyu Bird, who had just joined the battle group, were also slightly stupefied. They did not expect that just one leopard facing each other would be kicked around by Zhang Heng and the Blood Dragon. A fellow who gets in the way. The blood dragon was still angry. With a snort, he stuck out his tongue and dried up the blood that flowed to his mouth. Then he said to the "Black Panther" a few miles away, "You and Qingyu attack the'Extreme Flame Gate 'below together. This guy is left to me and Uncle Tiemu to deal with." "Yes, your Highness." The panther flew out of the mountain depression with a resentful look and met the green feather bird. In fact, the Black Panther, as a monster in the late stage of transformation, has the same speed and attack as the monks of Dzogchen in the human world. Just now, it was only when Zhang Heng met such a perverted existence that he was used as a monkey. Zhang Heng glanced coldly at the layout of the monster on the opposite side: Tiemu and Blood Dragon joined hands to pay for themselves; Qingyu Bird and Black Panther led the monster to attack Jiyan Mountain. Heng is not worried about his side, Tiemu and Blood Dragon two top monsters are powerful, but if you want to threaten Zhang Heng, who is good at defense, it is impossible. However, for the extreme flame door side, Zhang Heng is still a little worried, originally intended to interfere with the attack over there. But on second thought: "Jiyan Gate is not a school of its own after all. It also needs the experience of blood and fire. Otherwise, it will never grow up." Therefore, Zhang Heng just glanced coldly at the layout of the monster side,Stainless steel foundry, and did not interfere. Besides, it's impossible for Ironwood and Blood Dragon to let him interfere so easily on the other side. Immortal evil emperor, hum, today is your death. What about the period of deification? Do you dare to fight with me? Blood dragon a pair of cold eyes, staring at Zhang Heng, the body of the murderous look more obvious up. Zhang Heng can see that this blood dragon is not a fool, it knows that with Zhang Heng's strength comparable to the period of deification, if you want to run, even if there are two more blood dragons or green iron eagles, it is useless. Only in the real struggle, it is possible to hurt the other side. Tiemu began with a little worry on his face, but at a certain moment, he recovered his indifference and looked at Zhang Heng without fear. Zhang Heng slightly stupefied, Magnetic Drain Plug ,titanium machining parts, how did these two monsters suddenly have confidence? You know, the young people they are facing now are probably the great monks in the period of deification! These two top-level monsters are indeed very powerful, and can even pose some threats to the great monks in the period of deification, but if you want to eat the peerless masters in the period of deification, it is not a fool talking in his sleep. What does the deification period represent in the three-star domain? The deification in the Sanxingyu Xiuzhen Realm represents invincibility! "Do the two of them have anything to rely on?" Suddenly he raised his vigilance, and invisibly, he had a sense of being peeped at. "Is it possible." Zhang Heng moved slightly in his heart and soon made a decision. Two little demons in the period of transformation, bring it on quickly. Ben Zong will accompany you to warm up for the time being. I hope the real opponent won't let me down.. At this point, Zhang Heng raised his silver eyes and glanced around, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. Blood dragon and iron wood color slightly changed, but in a second thought to restore calm. Brush! Tiemu's huge green iron God flashed in front of Zhang Heng at a terrible speed. He raised his steel-like cold eagle claws and stabbed Zhang Heng mercilessly. This blow contained enough terrible power to kill or seriously injure the monks below Dzogchen in the Sanxing Realm. Moreover, in this sharp eagle claw, but also contains an obscure force, faintly, to Zhang Heng brought a little bit of danger. Seeing the bloody dragon coming from behind Zhang Heng, I couldn't help admiring him to myself: Tiemu is indeed the most powerful being in the transformation period of the demon clan besides the father emperor. Faced with such a claw, Zhang Heng did not give in, stretched out his fist, a little bit of silver from the "spirit core" overflowed, a palpitating pressure, faintly escaped. Boom! With the body of a monk, the top monster "Green Iron Eagle" was hit hard, and with a loud noise, it exploded in the sky of the whole extreme flame door. Time, the whole world, for a quiet. Above the Extreme Flame Gate, the Green Feather Bird and the Black Panther are carrying an army of monsters to attack the large array of protectors on the mountain round after round. Seeing the constant shaking of the guard array around Jiyan Mountain, it is possible to be breached at any time. However, it was such an explosion that silenced both sides of the war and involuntarily looked up at the situation in the sky. Teng Teng Teng, Tiemu's huge eagle body, was beaten back by Zhang Heng's fist, and the eagle's mouth overflowed with blood. And Zhang Heng himself, shaking in the sky, stabilized his figure, and the slightly rolling blood in his body restored calm in an instant. A stream of silver light overflowed from the "spirit core", restoring him to his peak state. Stand high and low! The monks on Jiyan Mountain were boiling for it, and one by one they were full of fighting spirit and infinite hope for the future. Whew! Zhang Heng just took a punch from Tiemu, and the whole person was suddenly covered by a huge shadow. With an astonishing roar, the bloody dragon opened its big mouth and bit Zhang Heng. The blood in his eyes congealed into a little, shooting out a bloody ray and stabbing Zhang Heng's eyes. Zhang Heng unhurriedly, a agile turn, a fist toward the blood dragon's big mouth to meet,die cast light housing, the fist with a few traces of purple slightly awn, not to mention. In the face of the first attack of the blood ray, Zhang Heng gently opened his mouth and spat out a blue frozen gas. Hiss ~.


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