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Everyone stared round in surprise, but then they showed a clear look, secretly laughing, this mysterious strange man's joke is too big, did not expect that she actually brought out the famous red Lord in recent years, it is simply shaking to bury people!

Everyone stared round in surprise, but then they showed a clear look, secretly laughing, this mysterious strange man's joke is too big, did not expect that she actually brought out the famous red Lord in recent years, it is simply shaking to bury people! Today, Qin Shuo's name is no longer a secret, but most people still call him the Red Lord in order to show respect. After hearing Ao Feng's words, Huo Ling Shaozhu's expression became bleary-eyed, and the suffocating pain in his chest dissipated in an instant. Ao Feng's words seemed to be a shot in the arm, which made him feel deeply gratified to be recognized. He looked at Aofeng gratefully, and slowly dispelled his fear of the strange man who had twice saved him from fire and water. Andong Chen was also shocked, and then his face was red, white and blue. Of course, he didn't believe Aofeng's "bragging" nonsense. He only said that she was deliberately sarcastic. He was so angry that his teeth trembled. Almost without thinking, he roared angrily: "Damn bastard, don't talk nonsense here!"! Also do not look at oneself that pair of ghost appearance, still want to pretend to be red maple collar young master? I think you're a motherless bastard! Anton Chen, who has always been used to being arrogant, even if he feels that Aofeng's strength may be above him,beam impact tubes, he has nothing to fear. Over the years, with the prestige of Volcano Team, one of the top ten teams in the north, he doesn't believe that Aofeng really dares to take him. Unfortunately, this idea has not been maintained for a second, was completely broken! As soon as he spoke, he felt a sudden chill all over his body, and his whole body was completely locked by an idea,precision welded tubes, which was so powerful that he felt unable to resist, and it was the Ao Feng on the opposite side who released it. Ao Feng stared at him coldly, his dark eyes were eerily bright, and his eyes contained a deep anger like the sea. The word "bastard" of Anton Chen brought back even distant memories in her heart. She was an orphan before she was reborn. What she hated to hear most in her life was these two words. Two people had said this to her on the way to carry out the mission, and they were all beaten into a beehive by her with an improved version of AK47. Unexpectedly, there are still people who dare to touch this inverse scale today! Andong Chen instinctively felt a sense of danger, Ao Feng at this time the eyes shining out of the murderous look of Chiguoguo! Even Xu Xi's face changed a little at the moment of the undisguised murderous surge. The energy fluctuation emitted by Aofeng is the top level of the Lord of Nine Stars! Si is the peak of the Lord, but there is a big distance between the seven stars and the nine stars. It is not the difference of energy level, but the profound meaning. Most of the profound meanings of the seven star lords are at the entry level, chaotic level, while the nine star lords are at least the masters at the micro level! Listen | Tide | Pavilion | First | Text Version The old characters in the north will not practice energy level crazily in the later period. After all, after reaching the peak of the Lord, the pressure is not far away. They usually let their bodies absorb energy naturally and understand the profound meaning wholeheartedly. Except for the super freaks and characters with special adventures, it will take at least ten thousand years to reach the Lord of Nine Stars under normal circumstances. At that time, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact beams, the profound meaning will almost be able to enter the micro level. No one present had a good impression on Andong Chen, but he was the son of the deputy commander of Anxuanyi in the team. He couldn't watch Aofeng kill him. Xu Xi quickly crossed him before Aofeng started, and blocked him between them. With the intervention of a genuine micro-level strong man, Andong Chen immediately felt the pressure relaxed. Momentum collision, Ao Feng and Xu Xi's body is a slight shock, each step back, the pressure of the confrontation, the two are not divided! Ao Feng eyebrow peak without a trace to pick, secretly sigh, the north of the strong really many, any one of the top ten teams have such strength, do not use the cards, her own combat effectiveness is only a second-rate master. Three years ago, I really had some publicity, and now I'm afraid to think about it. If it weren't for a super-strong father in the Tianwangshan War, those ordinary strong people would not dare to come forward, and she would probably be submerged in the sea of people before she could launch the magic skill. But the newborn cow is not afraid of the tiger, she Qin Aofeng also never know how to write afraid of Yu. Xu Xi's energy level is also nine star Lord, in the case of no mystery, of course, and Aofeng is not far away, but he does not want to fight with her, Aofeng's appearance is too weird, not to mention the same level of master, that is, stronger than her people in the heart will be a little bit of hair pestle. Xu Xi smiled bitterly at Ao Feng and said, "Under this crown!"! Anyhow, Andutong belongs to our team. So what? Do you think I'm afraid of your volcano team? Ao Feng interrupted him coldly and hummed lightly, "And your volcano commander may not stand up for him. If he knows how this man bullied his son, I don't believe he can be indifferent!" The volcano commander's temperament is like that of Muqianshan Mountain. He is famous for his irascibility. When he became the commander, he was slightly restrained. But as the saying goes, rivers and mountains are easy to change, and nature is hard to change. He is still very easy to get angry. Huoling has a little shadow of him, and his impulsive personality is very much like his father's. When Anton Chen heard this, his face changed again. The reason why he dared to target Huo Ling all the time was that he bullied Huo Ling's frankness. He didn't like to rely on his father's strength and wanted to compete with him with his own hands. Everyone in the team knew it, but they didn't want the two leaders to be unhappy because of it, and no one dared to say it. But Ao Feng is different, she can not have this scruple, once things go to the volcano adult there, he and his father want to take over the team in the future can be difficult. With this in mind, Andong Chen's already ugly face became even more twisted. With Xu Xi here, he stared at Ao Feng ferociously and shouted at the top of his voice: "Xu Dutong, this person is clearly sowing dissension and splitting our team. God knows what her intentions are!"! You kill her quickly, and the volcano commander and my father will reward you when they know it! Such do not know the words of life and death, only to hear Xu Xi rolled his eyes,aluminium coated steel tube, cursed in the heart, you this second generation of ancestors can not shut that foul mouth! You started the whole thing, and now you want me to wipe your ass!.


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