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Of course, what Mendes valued at this time was only the special fame that Ronando had formed in Portugal. He could not imagine that the "cook player" he had a brainwave to see, who originally wanted to set up an inspirational benchmark in Portugal, would become one of the most

Of course, what Mendes valued at this time was only the special fame that Ronando had formed in Portugal. He could not imagine that the "cook player" he had a brainwave to see, who originally wanted to set up an inspirational benchmark in Portugal, would become one of the most important players in his hands in the near future, whose importance far exceeded that of Simao, the main player in Portugal. It was this cook player who put Mendes at the peak of his career as an agent. Mendes is an agent who is very good at managing the image of players. When Ronando signed the agent contract, he made the first proposal to Ronando. Ronaldo, I don't think it's appropriate to find an endorsement contract for you at the moment. Because signing an endorsement contract now is undoubtedly a waste of your reputation. This time should at least wait for you to get a stable position in Benfica. What do you think? "Totally agree!"! Mendes, I will soon win the team position to match myself. Although I am very poor, the endorsement contract represents the image of the players, rather than abuse. As Ronando spoke, there was a picture of Brazil's real Ronaldo with buckteeth and a silly "golden throat treasure". If that kind of thing fell on Ronando, he would really feel ashamed to see people! Mendes clapped softly to show his approval of Ronando and said, "I didn't expect you to have such insight when you were only 17 years old!"! However, the endorsement contract can be slowed down, and one thing can be prepared now. "CR22"-this is Mendes'exclusive brand tailored for Ronando! When Ronando heard the code name, he couldn't help being silly! Shouldn't it be "cr7"? If ronando has "cr22" this appellation, so, future resounds throughout the whole world "cr7" how to do? Did it just disappear? “cr22! A resounding name! As we all know,plastic trash bins, No.11 is the standard number of the team's forward, cr22 means that a player wearing this Jersey can do what two No.11 forwards can do! In the future, we want everyone to think of CR22 when they see the No.22 Jersey! You will be the king of No.22 Jersey! Mendes had an excited look on his face. With a little consideration, Ronando immediately agreed to Mendes'reading. Although No.7 is good, there are too many legends of No.7 in history. With Ronando's special reading today, it is difficult to surpass those legends of No.7 in the past. On the contrary, Mendes proposed that a cr22 is worth the propaganda of two No.11strikers, which is awesome! Just imagine,plastic pallet manufacturer, in the future, after Ronando has made a breakthrough in technology, with the sharp weapon of "God in three seconds", can the number of goals be less? cr22! The most goal-scoring striker in the world! One for two! This is cool enough to think about! Now Ronando, in terms of personal ability, is far from being arrogant. Even if he starts "Three Seconds of God", he is not a real superstar. However, after this period of training, Ronando clearly felt a welcome fact. "God in three seconds" is a super amplifier, which can magnify his ability in equal proportion on the basis of his real ability in an instant. More importantly, with the improvement of his real personal ability, his abilities in all aspects are also improving synchronously in the invincible state of three seconds! This is a great phenomenon, which means that Ronando has the possibility of unlimited promotion, collapsible pallet box ,plastic wheelie bins, and it is a rapid promotion! Figuratively speaking, without systematic training, Ronando's invincible state is equivalent to an ordinary Portuguese super-level striker, but after a month of hard training by Akchit, Ronando's invincible state is no weaker than a super striker like Nuno Gomez. Given time, after Ronando has really grown up through the accumulation of competition experience and long-term training, what kind of invincible state can he achieve? That's true invincibility! A football giant that surpasses the best stars in the world! Even if it's only three seconds, but! Three seconds is enough to do a lot of things, because these three seconds are controllable. He can play the most beautiful shooting action or pass the most pleasant pass at the most critical time. This is the most outstanding stars of this era, such as Kaka, Messi, Fabregas, Drogba, Robben.. What no one else can do! cr22! Will surely become a new wonder on this planet! Ronando, who has settled down, has begun to study himself carefully. He needs to have an objective judgment of himself so that he can find the direction and motivation to move forward. Amateur (Level 1) Quasi-Professional (Level 2) Professional (Level 3) Portuguese Super Level (Level 4) Portuguese Super First-Class Level (Level 5), Ronando first set these five levels for himself. Corresponding to his abilities in all aspects, Ronando's current strength is clearly visible. Technical attributes-shooting, passing, heading, dribbling, long-range shooting: level 2 (up to level 5 in three seconds), free kick, stopping, stealing, marking, tackling: level 1 (level 4). Mental Attributes-Bravery, Willpower: Level 5! Teamwork, creativity, off the ball, anticipation, defensive positioning: Level 1 (Level 4). Physical Attributes-Strong, Explosive, Flexible, Speed, Constitution: Level 5! From these quantified data, we can see that Ronando's physical quality is very good, but his technical ability as a striker is just on the road, which is equivalent to the level of Portuguese first-class players, which ensures that he can become a Portuguese super-first-class forward line killer after launching the "three seconds of God", but also because of his physical quality. The fighting power he can burst out in a moment is better than that of a Portuguese Super League striker like Nuno Gomez. However, Ronando's lack of reading is also obvious, defensive skills are poor, stopping the ball,collapsible bulk container, running without the ball, anticipation, creativity and other aspects are also obviously inadequate. cnplasticpallet.com


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