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Her heart slightly moved, in fact, nine uncle, he is also sad, but he is not a person who writes joy, anger, sorrow and joy on his face.

Her heart slightly moved, in fact, nine uncle, he is also sad, but he is not a person who writes joy, anger, sorrow and joy on his face. Thinking of this, she remembered her situation and felt a little sympathy in her heart, so, just as he had just reached out, this time it was her turn to reach out and gently cover Gao Zhan's hand. Gao Zhan was only slightly startled, did not say anything, did not move anything, just kept the original posture. It turned out that the child's hands were warmer than he had imagined. Brother Hu Lv In a twinkling of an eye, more than half a month has passed. The people sent out by Hu Lvguang did not bring any exciting news, but Chang Gong always believed that his mother must still be alive in the world. As long as we are alive, we will meet each other one day. Since the last time Yeluguang agreed to her request, Chang Gong would go to Hu Luguang's house every day to practice martial arts with his children. When she saw Hu Lv Jizi again, Xu Da's surprised expression made her laugh secretly, and the cunning Heng Jia was still polite to her as if nothing had happened. Chang Gong is gifted and intelligent, whether it is bow and arrow, or swordsmanship are very easy to use,plastic cosmetic tubes, and soon mastered the knack of entry, which makes Hu Lvguang very gratified, naturally, also attracted the resentment of Xu Da and others. However, Chang Gong is not afraid of them now. With the support of Hu Lvguang, no one dares to provoke her in a big general's office. Even if Xu Da is not satisfied with her, it seems that there is no way to take her. That day Chang Gong came to Hu Lvguang's house as usual, but unfortunately,custom cosmetic packaging, Hu Lvguang was summoned to the palace in a hurry early in the morning. As soon as Chang Gong stepped into the yard, he saw Xu Da coming over with a cocky face and waving his sword in front of her. "Gao Chang Gong, Dad said you made rapid progress. Why don't you compare with me?" Chang Gong simply shook his head. "You've been learning for several years. I've only been learning for more than ten days. It's obvious that I suffer losses. I don't want to compare." "It turned out that Emperor Wenxiang's son was as timid as a mouse, and it was really contemptible to say so.". You're a disgrace to your parents. Suda looked at her defiantly. Second brother, be careful what you say. Heng Jia was holding the mentality of watching the play, and when he heard the second brother mention Chang Gong's father, he hurried out to remind him. The smile on Chang Gong's face suddenly disappeared and he said in a cold voice, "Bring the sword!" As a result, you can imagine that Chang Gong was just a beginner. After a few strokes, he was forced to retreat by Xu Da. After more than a dozen strokes, Xu Da finally found a gap. He opened her sword and kicked her in the abdomen. The kick was so strong that it immediately kicked Chang Gong to the ground. Second brother, that's enough. Heng Jia gave a low cry, it seems that the second brother is deliberately venting his anger on her body, so this foot is so hard, nothing else, empty cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, but if the father knows, punishment must be unavoidable. When Xu Da saw Chang Gong fall to the ground, he immediately smirked, "Gao Chang Gong, don't think how powerful you are, you are not my defeated general!"! Admit defeat! Chang Gong glared at him, and suddenly, with a loud cry, picked up the sword on the ground and slashed at him. She did not know where it came from, and it was completely out of order. All of a sudden, Xu Da was stunned. While he was stunned, Chang Gong threw the sword and rushed forward to punch him in the eye.. Suda was even more furious. He threw his sword and wrestled with her. All right, all right, stop fighting! Heng Jia also did not expect to become like this, only to see two people tearing and biting, completely from the exchange of martial arts into a fight. Alas. He rubbed his temples helplessly. What can he do now? "What's going on?" Suddenly there was a loud shout behind him, and Heng Jia cried out in his heart, how could Dad come back early at this time. When Hu Lvguang dragged the two men away, the two men were still punching and kicking each other. Suda, you're the oldest here. Tell me what's going on! Hu Lvguang was dumbfounded when he saw such a scene. Xu Da snorted and did not speak. "Chang Gong, what on earth is going on?" Hearing his father ask Chang Gong, Xu Da felt a sense of foreboding in his heart. If Chang Gong told the truth, he would be scolded by his father. Heng Jia, on the other hand, kept his false smile, smile, smile again, and the corners of his mouth were always that arc. Uncle Hu Lv. Chang Gong rolled his eyes. "We, we are just learning martial arts. Brother Xu Da is teaching me how to fight with the enemy." Hearing her answer, Suda was surprised and relieved. So that's it, "said Hu Lvguang, turning to Xu Da." Is that so? " Xu Da hesitated for a moment. Heng Jia hurriedly pulled his sleeve and said, "Dad, that's it. The second elder brother wants to have more skills." "In that case, you can continue to practice." Hu Lvguang nodded to them and walked to the main hall. Seeing his father's figure disappear in the corridor, Xu Da breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Chang Gong in disbelief, "Good boy, I didn't expect to be very loyal." Chang Gong glanced at him and turned away. Hey, how dare you ignore me! Xu Da was in a hurry and grabbed Chang Gong's skirt. "Speak!" Chang Gong said coldly, "I don't talk to pigs." Xu Da was furious. "What, you said I was a pig?"? It's strange that I'm a pig! There was a malicious smile on Chang Gong's lips. "Oh?"? You are a pig. Then I'm sorry, I don't talk to pigs either. Xu Da was stunned and blurted out, "Nonsense!"! I'm not a pig! As soon as he said it, Chang Gong couldn't help laughing. What's so funny? I'm not a pig! I'm not.. "Second Brother, don't say it." Hengda really Kang down, hurriedly stopped him to continue to say, helplessly sighed, "second brother, you were taken in by him." "Swindled?" Xu Da was stupefied and blinked at him with a long smile. "You're not a pig,polyfoil tube, that's strange." He suddenly reacted and was furious, "Gao Changgong, I'm going to kill you!" 。


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