Exorcist II

Strangely enough, the anesthetic and the wooden wedges driven into the dog's legs kept the dog awake even though it could not move.

Strangely enough, the anesthetic and the wooden wedges driven into the dog's legs kept the dog awake even though it could not move. Under the dog's pitiful eyes of fear and begging for mercy, the five women mercilessly cut off its genitals and threw them to Fu Yanqiu, who was unwilling to participate in the pavilion, but did not stop it. Then they cut off its belly, took out its internal organs one by one, and discussed them with laughter. Finally, they cut off its limbs and head, leaving a tuft of hair as a souvenir. The woman who should have been kind, the angel in white who should have been merciful, became the devil at that moment. Human nature has completely disappeared, darkness has completely invaded their hearts, there is no good or evil in their hearts, only the pleasure of bloodlust, so killing an innocent, weak, has been pleasing their little life, and feel very happy. They were nurses, used to seeing blood and stumps, and because they were slightly drunk, they were not afraid at all. Even though the dog's blood was spattered strangely on their clothes and shoes, even though its black jewel-like eyes turned from tenderness to resentment and animal nature, and even though its snow-white fur stained with blood turned into a terrible black,fenugreek saponins, they did not notice it, but threw the dog's body parts into the gutter of the park. At this time, only Fu Yanqiu felt the unusual atmosphere and saw the change of the puppy, but she thought it was dazzling. At that time, she was cold all over, there was a huge chill on her back, inexplicable fear, and then witnessed the strange car accident. So she interpreted all this as an omen before the accident. At the end of the story, Bao Datong was very upset. Even though he had expected that the six women had done something harmful,best green coffee bean extract, he had not expected that it would be so bad. This is not a massacre, it is simply abuse, no wonder it will be brutally retaliated. People have potential, animals have potential, and animals have great potential because they retain their nature and animal nature. This puppy is an unusual one. Supposedly, it was first abandoned by its owner and immediately picked up, killed, dismembered and even not buried in an extremely cruel way. At the moment of its death, it must have hated human beings so much that it had a strong resentment and absorbed the evil in the hearts of the six women. The special place of the street park gave it a chance to let all its resentment erupt, which then affected the vehicles on the street and caused the accident. In turn, he nourished himself with the blood and soul of the car accident. All this is too coincidental, but it is these coincidences of time, place and opportunity that make the soul of a dog become extremely powerful, attached to the body of the fake Takeshi Kaneshiro, and incarnate as an avenger. Chapter 29 true repentance. Is that it? Is it attached to the handsome man? Fu Yanqiu asked with a shiver. Although the dog abuse incident made her uncomfortable and the dog whip did not make her husband show any signs of improvement, she never thought that a dog would take such revenge on humans. It must be. Bao Datong said coldly that he wanted to slap Fu Yanqiu. But he never hit a woman, naringenin price ,phycocyanin spirulina, although some women do need to be beaten. He wanted to turn around and leave, just let the woman be killed and pay for what he had done. But he can't really do nothing, and he doesn't want everything in the world to be killed by killing. Killing does not mean the balance of resentment, only the balance of emotions, emotions, the consequences will be there. Now the dog has tasted the taste of bloodlust, so the end of Fu Yanqiu's life will be the beginning of its continued slaughter. Moreover, because it is too fierce and unable to control itself, its appearance will obviously affect the nearby spirits. This will lead to greater consequences. We must catch it, appease its resentment and let it go. Mr. Bao thinks we're cruel? Fu Yanqiu saw that Bao Datong's face was gloomy and said with a wry smile, "Yes, in retrospect, I also felt that we were not human beings, but that was what we did at that time. Even I didn't expect that I was so vicious, and so were my friends from childhood to adulthood." "It's not cruel and vicious, it's inhuman." Bao Datong suppressed his anger and said as calmly as he could. At this point, it's no use blaming. The important thing is to solve the problem. Good and evil are often between one thought, and man is the most complex animal. You can be an angel or a devil. Moreover, these two faces are changing at any time and anywhere, and their hearts are also being tested. He finally understood the order in which the dog spirit killed people, which was determined by the severity of the crime committed by each person. From the initiator Zhou Meng, to the most enthusiastic responder Sun Jun, then Miao Xiaoli and Fei Na, who actively implemented it, then Zhang Xiaoyu, who sought a venue for the massacre and persuaded the opponents, and finally Fu Yanqiu, who should have stopped it, but looked on coldly and took away its organs. Its search for these six women is not as he thought, after investigation, although the dog spirit is powerful, but the IQ is not high to the level of human beings, it does all this is just instinct. Plus, this is extra clever. It depends on the blood splattered on the murderer, the dog hair left by the murderer as a souvenir, it depends on the sense of smell and animal instinct. Mr. Bao, help me. I don't want to be eaten. The more Fu Yanqiu thought about it, the more afraid she was. I couldn't help pleading, "I was the only one who saw the accident that day, and the other five people didn't see it, so they were not on guard.". I didn't know this handsome guy was a dead man. Mr. Bao, you have to help me! I know I was wrong. In fact, I was already regretting it that night. As long as I can escape this disaster, I will run a stray dog shelter, I know it needs a lot of money, but my husband knows a lot of rich friends, I will be able to raise, this is not an exchange, I am really wrong! She grabbed Bao Datong's hand nervously. If I had known today, why should I have. Bao Datong sighed, controlled his emotions, and asked. Didn't you spatter blood on your body at that time? When you left,stesweet stevia, did you take the dog hair as a souvenir? Fu Yanqiu shook her head firmly, "absolutely not.". I only took.. Dog whip, and then.. My husband ate it. 。 prius-biotech.com


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