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A new Pokémon Presents showcase took place this Wednesday, a video demo featuring updates to Pokémon apps and games, including Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We got updates on Pokémon apps and games, including Scarlet and Violet.

If it's anything like past demos, we've got a trailer for the ninth-gen Pokémon, along with new details about these game worlds.

Like previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature a new gameplay mechanic that players can experiment with while participating in combat. This new mechanic, Terastallize, turns a Pokemon into a crystal version of itself and boosts stats. You can Buy Pokemon Items at PKMBuy.

Each Pokemon in the Paldea region gains a unique gem-like appearance when Terastatalizing, and some Pokemon also change types. According to the Pokemon Company, there are 18 types, forming a variety of combinations of Pokemon and Tera Types, and players can Terastallize one Pokemon per battle.

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Afterwards, the Tera Orb used for the transformation needs to be recharged by touching the crystal that overflows Teratal energy or by going to the Pokemon Center.

There's also a chance to take part in Tera Raid Battles, where four other players team up with your trainer to battle Terastalized wild Pokemon. Many other details were revealed in today's Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, such as the legendary monster-cum-bike, the characters you'll meet, and a delicious new Pokemon called Tridough, which uses yeast in yeast to ferment Something nearby breathes.
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are Nintendo Switch exclusives and will release on November 18. There are Arceus Pokemon for Sale.

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