The Best Guide for Lost Ark Players to Earn Erasmo's Island Tokens

The Best Guide for Lost Ark Players to Earn Erasmo's Island Tokens

Erasmo's Island is one of the unique islands in Lost Ark as it is always available for players to visit. However, if players want to earn island tokens, they must travel to Erasmo's Island at a certain time. Since Lost Ark is a mix of permanent and timed islands, players won't always have the chance to get the island tokens they want.

To learn more about where to find Lost Ark Erasmo's Island, and how to get its collectible tokens, players can continue reading this guide, or follow MMOWTS. Players will have the opportunity to get a lot of cheap and safe Lost Ark Gold from to add to their edge.

Erasmo's Island is located on the east side of the world map, just southeast of the North Fern coast. It is also directly south of Lost Ark Drum Island, above one of the Lost Ark Shangra locations. This is a permanent island, so players can visit it anytime after the game and can use ships. Since players need to defeat a very powerful boss, it is recommended that players reach gear level 460 before participating.

To earn Erasmo's Island tokens, players need to defeat the island boss, whose name happens to be Erasmo. This boss only spawns 3 times a day, so the player needs to click on the alarm clock icon in the upper left corner of the screen to see when his next spawn will be. Is It Legal to Buy Lost Ark Gold Online? As far as I know, MMOWTS is 100% legal. There should be a lot of players who also participated in this event, but if not enough, players can change the game channel in the upper right corner.

Once Erasmo's timer expires, a co-op mission begins for all players on the island, challenging them to play the Song of Resonance 15 times. Not all players will need it, but players can purchase it from Treasure Hunter Iglan on the Pleccia Island deck. Once the song has been played enough, Erasmo will appear and the battle will begin.

Once he's killed, he has a chance to drop Island Tokens, but this is RNG-based, so the player may have to participate in several missions. Players can also get an Erasmo card to defeat him. If the player wants to successfully defeat this boss, it is best for the player to collect enough Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS in advance to arm themselves quickly in the game.


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