To watch some great dramas with your best friends

Feature films have been hit hard because they tend to deal with things that almost everyone can relate to in some way.


Lady Bird
Mrs. bird struck a perfect balance between drama movie and comedy, and most of her humor came from the (usually timid) recognition of young people on the cusp of maturity, warts and everything. Greta geweg's film tells the story of a young high school graduate who is about to graduate and is eager to start her life in a place far away from her hometown Sacramento. It is mainly unfolded by the dynamic of the mother daughter duo of the stars saoline Ronan and Raul Metcalf. Face your head in a nervous, funny and familiar way.It is a humor drama movie.

Starring Jimmy Stewart as a former police detective suffering from severe acrophobia, dizziness and disorientation, this great drama movie follows Stewart's "Scotty" Ferguson to track the mysterious woman played by kinnowak. This is the best side of Hitchcock - leading you forward and constantly forcing you to question what you see. Is Ferguson becoming dangerously obsessed? Is Madeleine of Novak crazy? This classic thriller keeps you guessing and guessing until an unforgettable ending.

Ridley Scott's drama movie tells a story of a Roman general who is betrayed and comes back from the dead, and then begins a slow and violent revenge as a gladiator. This film is epic in any sense. From the painstaking reappearance of all the authority and architectural glory of ancient Rome to the amazing action sequence, it is visually huge and emotionally magnificent. Russell Crowe is as charming as the vengeful Maximus, while Joaquin Phoenix is as threatening as the crying emperor. This dramatic film is an adventure.

The Social Network
The birth and rise of Facebook are dramatic. The social network combines Aaron Sorkin's sharp dialogue with David Fincher's precise visual effect and talent for improving tension, resulting in a more gripping story than you can imagine, about what you use to keep up with and old high school classmates. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, a imaginable drama movie that effortlessly demonstrates the selfishness, arrogance and greed that turn the campus directory into an unstoppable cultural force.

Schindler’s List
Steven Spielberg reminds you from time to time what a powerful theatrical filmmaker he can be. His view on the life of Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist, is that he used his influence and business to help save the lives of Jews during the Holocaust, which is wide-ranging, but also touching, melancholy, and often dark and beautiful. Liam Neeson shines in the main character, but the great drama movie also makes Ralph Fiennes a sadistic German concentration camp commander.

Shattered Glass
According to a true story, the broken glass is played by Hayden Christensen (the role allows him to show more performing muscles than Anakin Skywalker) as the young journalist Stephen glass. He was found to not only invent stories for the New Republic magazine, but also invent information sources and contact information to cover up his tracks. You never knew that the weekly magazine editorial meeting would be so intense, and Peter sassgaard, as an editorial colleague who began to criticize glass's fantasy, was absolutely brilliant.It is a fantasy drama movie.


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