How New World players can better use Mauler Tree

How New World players can better use Mauler Tree

In New World, Mauler Tree is preferred for PvE, except for one specific skill. It provides a lot of AoE, which helps it provide a lot of damage for PvE. The tree's abilities include Whirlwind, Vortex, and Gravity Well. Players can visit to find out the best build for this weapon for PvE and PvP.

Whirlwind is a player that spins at will to win an ability, up to four spins when it connects to an enemy. Vortex is a pull skill, similar to Reap, but with a small radius instead of a line. Since it's often used in PvE, it's less of a problem to pull enemies towards the player, so it allows the player to get more enemies in range to deal a lot of AoE damage with Whirlwind.

Gravity Wells are one of the most powerful ways to Buy New World Coins group or hold enemies in place. The combination of Whirlwind and Maelstrom makes this weapon good for PvE, although many one-handed weapons may outperform it with slower but more powerful attacks. Gravity Well is great for PvP and is capable of holding most players in place, or at least forcing them on defensive cooldowns.

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Mauler Tree's ultimate ability, Mauler's Fury, increases the player's damage by 3% with each hit for 3 seconds. This stacks up to 30% and encourages relentless attacks. However, the duration of the buff is short, and the number of hits required to fully stack is small. So in many cases, a missed ability or attack can cause this reward to drop.

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