Rahul Gandhi Launches Scathing Attack on PM Modi Over Caste Remarks

In a recent speech, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his alleged remarks on caste. Gandhi accused Modi of attempting to divide the nation along caste lines for political gain.

Addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh, Gandhi criticized Modi's government for its handling of various issues, including the economy, farmers' protests, and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, his most vehement criticism was reserved for the Prime Minister's alleged remarks on caste.

"Modi wants to create a divide between the people of this country. He wants to pit one caste against another for his own benefit," Gandhi said. He went on to accuse the BJP-led government of neglecting the interests of marginalized communities and failing to address their concerns.

Gandhi's remarks come in the midst of a heated political climate in Uttar Pradesh, which is gearing up for assembly elections. The state has a significant population of Dalits and other marginalized communities, making caste dynamics a crucial factor in electoral politics.

The Congress leader's attack on Modi is likely to escalate tensions between the two parties ahead of the elections. The BJP, on its part, has dismissed Gandhi's allegations as baseless and accused him of resorting to divisive politics.

The issue of caste has always been a sensitive one in Indian politics, with parties often accused of exploiting caste identities for electoral gains. As the election in Uttar Pradesh approaches, it remains to be seen how this latest controversy will impact the political landscape of the state. 


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