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As the New Year is approaching, the New Year's goods on Jile Island are well prepared, and there is no need for Xie Wendong to worry about this matter, which is handled by the Wendong Brothers.

Qin Tian is no matter, see strange to kill, any one is not let go. The first day back, Qin Tian was covered in blood, and Qinglian almost fainted. The next day back, Qin Tian is still covered with blood, Qinglian heartache unceasingly, determined to follow, is still rejected by Qin Tian. The third day back, Qin Tian is still a black blood, but all is the blood of the monster, Qinglian again asked to go, again refused by Qin Tian. —————————— Long night, lonely men and widows, wilderness, deep mountains and black holes, it is easy to think about things that should not be thought about. Every time Qin Tian returned to the cave and saw Aunt Qinglian dressed in white, she could not help but palpitate in her heart, blaming herself again and again, cursing herself as a beast. Although Qinglian is the aunt of this guy, but there is no blood relationship, Qin Tian again and again for their own evil thoughts, again and again with pain to wipe the oil, a few days down he looked down on himself, "if you go on like this, you must make mistakes." In the middle of the night, Qin Tian's whole body was hot and restless, unable to sleep. The faint fragrance of Qinglian's body was like an aphrodisiac, constantly stimulating the male hormones in his body, causing him to toss and turn, restless and restless. Looking at sitting cross-legged, eyes slightly closed Qinglian,calcium nitrate sol, Qin Tian throat knot a burst of rolling, swallowed saliva, evil thoughts dark, once again severely cursed, had to suddenly rush out of the cave. As soon as Qin Tian left, Qinglian's face immediately turned crimson and shy, and her face showed a silly smile, which made people have to be moved. Qin Tian, who ran out of the cave, rushed all the way to a waterfall and smashed his head into it. The ice water cut his body like a knife. Qin Tian was completely unaware of it, and the evil fire on his body was also pressed down by the freezing stream. A fierce son smashed down,calcium ammonium nitrate price, exposed his head, felt cold, suddenly frowned, breath law instantly released out. "What a powerful evil spirit!" Hunting in the Hanging Mountains these days, Qin Tian was aware that all the monsters contained evil gas, as if all their power came from evil gas. He didn't think much about it at first, but now he felt the strong evil gas oozing out of the waterfall and reacted immediately. Climbing up the bank and observing carefully, I found that the evil breath under the deep pool was rolling up, and there was no sound around except the sound of the waterfall, not even a monster. Night is the time when monsters come out to look for food. There is no monster within one kilometer. What is the situation? With the help of moonlight, Qin Tian faintly found a black light flashing under the deep pool, and the black luster appeared and disappeared in the evil and gloomy atmosphere, which tempted Qin Tian wirelessly. What the hell is it? "There must be something strange down there." At the same time, the body of the blood demon armor suddenly revealed, revealing a ferocious dark red, constantly resonating with the evil gas, as if an old acquaintance met in general. Qin Tian frowned, "down or not?" After hesitating for a moment, Qin Tian decided to go down to find out what was going on. He used Qigong to transport the Dragon Elephant Taixu Sutra. The Dragon Elephant's divine power protected his whole body and smashed it down. In the deep water, he struggled to dig, and his body rushed down the deep pool like an arrow through the clouds. The more down, the more intense the evil gas, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the more blood demon armor boiling, like decades have not seen a woman, suddenly a sow appeared in front of us, can not help but palpitate in general. Blood Demon Armor is in Wanle, and Qin Tian is too lazy to take care of it. Suddenly rushed into the black evil, dragon and elephant divine power is the method of suppressing evil, evil black gas automatically bounce, at the bottom of the deep pool, Qin Tian eyes suddenly opened, heart suddenly a shock, "ten thousand devil cave?!" Ten thousand demons cave, three words dragon and snake wandering, natural, between the font oozing supreme evil, constantly eroding the mind of Qin Tian, dragon and elephant divine power suddenly accelerated, crushing all the evil into the body. Qin Tian looked at the dark cave and frowned. Then, step into! Chapter 90, the realm of all demons. Brothers, a new week, the calf hit the home page hit list again, 7850 brothers, help me, let's get on the home page hit list!!! ———————————————— Under the deep pool, there is a huge black hole, in which the Buddha releases a strong evil gas. Qin Tian stepped in like a ghost and was instantly swallowed up by a black fog and disappeared at the bottom of the pool. In the blink of an eye, as if it had been ten thousand years, Qin Tian protected his mind, his whole body was full of Qigong, and he was always alert to the surroundings, and there was nothing but the evil gas that came to his face. Whew.. "Where is this?" Blood moon, setting sun, shaking in the air. The sky is blood red, the earth is also dark red, the only luster here, red, red like blood, incomparably seeping. Qin Tian was startled by the scene in front of him, surprised to look at everything in front of him, as if in another world, how can not think of such a world hidden under the deep pool. "" A huge roar, a steel-armored monster, roared out, like a bulldozer crazy impact up. ***, what's going on? Qin Tian one Zheng, in the heart dreary one drink, "the dragon elephant divine power." The power of chaos poured into the whole body, facing the steel-armored monster, pulled out the bone knife, and struggled to meet it. Thump, thump, thump. Three knives in a row, Qin Tian hit out, the steel monster did not respond at all, huge body, every step made the sound of metal friction, very harsh, looking at Qin Tian, eyes red, showing huge thick steel needle-like teeth, black saliva flowing out of the teeth, looking at Qin Tian, aggressive. What a strong monster! The bone knife can't hurt you. Is the defense too strong? Qin Tian secretly annoyed, quickly opened the system, the attributes of the steel monster immediately displayed. Steel Beast: Demon Beast. Level: Level 1. Blood value: 40000 Experience: 10000 Skill: Brutal Charge Note: The steel armor beast defense is extremely strong, is the demon domain lowest rank monster. The system is your sister's. Qin Tian immediately fire, can not help but scold a sentence, "forty thousand blood value,Magnesium Sulphate price, or the lowest order monster, three knives down the skin are scratched a little, what is this place?" "Whew.." Whew. Whew.. 。

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