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Standing outside the wall of the mage camp, Ye Chen looked at the fast-moving black-robed mages inside, and with the description of these black-robed mages by people such as Fa Hao, he had a general understanding of the abilities of these mages.

Standing outside the wall of the mage camp, Ye Chen looked at the fast-moving black-robed mages inside, and with the description of these black-robed mages by people such as Fa Hao, he had a general understanding of the abilities of these mages. These mages will be at least 5 magic shields, for less than 40 magic names and other people, 5 magic shields are almost unbreakable, can only kill these mages. In addition, these mages will also solidify the speed, speed is solidified in the body, without the use of acceleration magic, the speed of movement is very fast, the action is also very flexible, plus as long as the player enters the four walls, the nearest mage will certainly be the first time to detect, and will immediately attack the intruder. According to the description of the Dharma name and others, if you can't kill the black-robed mage who first found them within 15 seconds, the mage will send out a signal, and all the nearby mages will come, and the alert range of all the mages will increase to the whole mage camp, and you can't get people to pull hatred on one side and sneak in from the other side. Several times, they had no choice but to withdraw from the fence,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and then the black-robed mages ignored it, but they wanted to attack outside the fence, but they couldn't. The mages in the camp would be immune to attacks from outside the fence. After listening to a few people, Ye Chen already knew where the problem was. The main reason why these black-robed mages were so difficult to deal with was that they would solidify their speed. The name of the law and others would not be able to get close to the full output for a while and a half. As long as they could trap the black-robed mages first, it would not be a problem to kill them with their output against the shield of the mages. But among players around level 40, only assassins really have control skills, but in the eyes of these black-robed mages, the stealth of assassins of the same level is totally useless,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and they will be aware of it as soon as they step into the mage camp. So it must be a class with remote control skills. In the remote class, the ice mage skill has a slow effect, but when dealing with these advanced NPCs, the probability of appearing is low, and the slow time is very short, so the effect is not great. However, it has to be said that they are looking for the right person, in terms of control skills, Ye Chen really has one, although this control skill is not very useful to deal with players, but used to deal with these somewhat stereotyped mage NPC, Ye Chen feels that it is enough. After having a more detailed battle plan in the heart, the leaf dust said his idea and the law number several people, several people are the eye is bright, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, thought that is feasible. Later, after the leaf dust planted a few plants, several people moved to a crack in the collapsed wall. A black-robed mage was patrolling not far ahead of them, and as soon as the leaf dust made a gesture, several people rushed toward the black-robed mage. The black-robed mage was naturally alert, and a fireball of black and red s sè flew towards the party. A black and red fireball? "Hey, boy, there may be something very interesting in this mage camp. Don't miss it." When Ye Dun felt that something was wrong with the Master's fireball, the voice of Suo Llya rang up and the shadow appeared in front of Ye Dun's eyes, and he said with a smile. This thing has something to do with you? The leaf dust asked strangely. No, it's just that the owner who built this Mage Tower has something to do with the destruction of the Kingdom of Abada, so do you understand? I see! As soon as Suolliya mentioned the kingdom of Abada in the tree world, Ye Chen immediately understood! Fa Hao and others opened the task of props, in fact, from the tree world relics, they carried out the task to the last step, the task became "destroy the evil magic laboratory.". From the name of this task, Ye Chen could not speculate too much, but after being reminded by Suo Llya, Ye Chen knew that this evil magic laboratory was probably built by the mysterious figure who used unknown dark objects to destroy the whole kingdom of Abada and turned the giant tree of Abada into a huge dead tree without vitality! Think of here, leaf dust immediately came to the spirit. Originally thought just to help the law number through a task, but at present this task, perhaps also has a lot to do with him. "Withered Light!" A group of people were able to attack the black-robed mage when they communicated with Suo Llyiya, but none of them started except Ye Chen. Leaf dust a withered light fell on the black-robed mage, only hit a pitiful damage, but when the damage floated, leaf dust in the hands of the staff of Basolon, a lucky beauty suddenly appeared between them and the black-robed mage. The attack is half-settled! The lucky beauty Hu huā appeared, and the leaf dust immediately asked the lucky beauty Hu huā to attack and judge. The black s sè halo appeared at the feet of the lucky beauty Hu huā, enveloping the black-robed mage in an instant. The position of the lucky beauty Hu huā transplanted by the leaf dust is extremely ingenious. The position of the lucky beauty Hu huā is between them and the black-robed mage. After the black s s è halo is unfolded, the black-robed mage cannot escape from the range of the black s s è halo. He cannot retreat at all and can only choose to move forward. Leaf dust of this move, can not be said to be not poisonous, if not to do so, the black lucky beauty Hu Hu to judge and attack this short two or three seconds, simply does not have much effect. Even so, three seconds is not enough for the law number and others, but there is still the abnormal leaf dust. Leaf dust had already planted duckweed, then ran at full speed, when the lucky beauty Hu Hu made an attack decision, ready to attack, leaf dust was close to the black-robed mage. The black-robed mage wanted to escape, but in the range of the black sè aura, he could only choose to flee forward. As an NPC, the greatest sorrow is that when the AE level is not too high, we can only make choices based on the data of the system. When the leaf dust is close to the black-robed master, the leaf dust is undoubtedly the closest to the black-robed master, and others are the farthest away from him. In the eyes of the black-rob master,Coil Nail Making Machine, it is the first priority to keep away from the nearest person. As for being slightly close to the farthest person, it is allowed. As a result, the tragic black-robed wizard took the initiative to run a few steps quickly toward the Dharma name and others.


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