Delhi Escort saved my relationship with my spouse

I am Ronny, a 28-year-old businessman living in Delhi with my wife.

I am Ronny, a 28-year-old businessman living in Delhi with my wife. Rashmi is a beautiful lady who manages the affairs of the household smoothly. However, in my three years of marriage, some of my bodily desires have remained unfulfilled. 

Rashmi comes from a conservative family. She considers oral sex dirty and against her religion. My craving for these pleasures took me to Dolly, a beautiful college girl working as an escort in Delhi

Dolly lives alone in a luxurious apartment in a posh locality of Delhi. I knew nothing about her when I looked at the girls’ images. I found her on the website of a popular escort service. She looked gorgeous in the photos with big boobs and an ass that left me speechless for a moment. 

I read her profile in which she mentioned special services offered to clients. I knew she is the girl I was looking for. I immediately stopped and finalized her. There was no need to confuse me by looking at the photos of all the available Delhi escorts

Dolly arrived in the hotel room where I was staying. We talked for some time and later indulged in lovemaking. She was cool and casual in her approach. What I loved about Dolly was that she freely distributed bodily pleasures without inhibitions. Rashmi has never touched my tool, leave alone grab and stroked it to make me happy. 

And here was a strange girl, rubbing my manhood and kissing it to make me go berserk. I felt on cloud nine when this amazing Delhi escort put it inside her mouth and sucked it like ice cream. 

After our first meeting, I know it is only Dolly for my satisfaction. She made me happy and satisfied. Dolly introduced me to a world of heavenly pleasures. After a few days, I called her and told her I wanted to spend some time in her company again. Dolly said there was no need to spend lots of money on booking an expensive hotel room. She provides an in-call service that is more convenient and cheaper than booking a hotel room. She gave me the address of her apartment. 

Delhi escorts usually go to the hotel room where customers are staying. I realized it was a good idea as her home was far away from my home, and no one will come to know about my secret affair. 

I went to her apartment and found her waiting for me. She wore a T-shirt and jeans. I felt relaxed in her home. There was no one to disturb. We had a great session where she unlocked the doors of heaven for me. Like a mature housewife, Dolly gave me a joyride and brought me to a thunderous climax.

The gratification of my desires has helped me a lot. I am happy with my wife and do not feel dissatisfied with her anymore. The Delhi escort has saved my relationship. I am indebted to her for solving my problem. 


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