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Although there is a time and place for belly laughter in a good comedy, a thriller for a seat, a terrible horror movie, a whimsical musical and other good movies, there is something to say about a powerful and emotional drama. After the theater lights appear, you are refused to leave for a


Moonlight tells the story of a young black man named Chiron who came of age in Miami, but everything from the quiet intensity to the unique "three chapters" structure goes against expectations and takes you on a real emotional journey. It is full of absolutely amazing performances - especially the Oscar winner Mahshala Ali - this is a drama movie that reminds you that art forms can do so well. It shows the life of the triumphant star and the people in his community with elegance and style.

The Social Network
The birth and rise of Facebook are dramatic. The social network combines Aaron Sorkin's sharp dialogue with David Fincher's precise visual effects and talent for improving tension, leading to a more exciting story than you think, about what you use to keep up with and old high school classmates. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg. This drama movie effortlessly demonstrates the selfishness, arrogance and greed that turn the campus directory into an unstoppable cultural force.

Schindler’s List
Steven Spielberg reminds you from time to time what a powerful drama and drama movie producer he can be. His view on the life of the German industrialist Oskar Schindler, who used his influence and business to help save the lives of Jews during the Holocaust, was very touching, melancholy, and often dark and beautiful. Liam Neeson was brilliant in the lead role, but this drama movie also made Ralph Fiennes the sadistic commander of the German concentration camp.

Shattered Glass
According to a true story, Hayden Christensen (the role allows him to show more performance muscles than Anakin Skywalker) plays the young journalist Stephen Glass, who is found not only making up stories for the New Republic magazine, but also fabricating information sources and contact information to cover up his tracks. You never knew that the weekly magazine editor's meeting would be so tense, and Peter Sasgard was absolutely brilliant as an editor colleague who began to nitpick Glass's fantasy.

All About Eve
A classic story about fame and wealth, vanity and betrayal, All About Ever is a performance drama full of flesh. This drama movie, starring Betty Davis, plays an elderly Broadway star who inadvertently lets an ambitious young actress enter her home. This drama movie is full of acrid (and witty) dialogue and real tension - a real masterpiece that has withstood the test of time and still resonates with these classic films decades later.

In recent years, "comic films" have undoubtedly matured, telling epic stories, but also aroused emotional resonance and complexity. Although it is related to the X-Men universe, Logan, one of the best action movies, is hardly like a cartoon movie in the traditional sense in most of its running time. Dark and tenacious, this is a suitable final cheer (if it is true) for the star Hugh Jackman and the role he has played since the release of X-Men in 2000. It is fascinating and heartbreaking to watch the killing machine that cannot be killed collapse and face his death.

Dancer in the Dark
If you are already familiar with the name Lars von Trier, you will know that Dancers in the Dark is not a fantastic journey. Loyal to form, this dramatic film is a slow tumbling journey of darkness, inspired by the amazing heartfelt and touching performance of Bjork, an Icelandic musician, who plays the leading role. She plays a lonely migrant factory worker, who is gradually blind and eager to save enough money for the treatment of his son suffering from the same disease. This is not an easy watch, and the ending will definitely disappoint you. But you can't say it's ineffective and well done.


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