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The popular beauty bloggers on YouTube have set off a wave of innovation in the beauty industry. Many domestic beauty bloggers have imitated and borrowed from those Internet celebrities on YouTube. Many popular beauty products are also planted from there. of. So who are the latest and hott

Born in 1992, Kathleen Lights is one of the most popular beauty bloggers on Youtube, with more than 4 million subscribers. Although she is very popular, she still insists on continuous and stable mass production of videos. She is a youtuber with guaranteed quality and quantity! And what you want can be found in her perfect diary blog.She looks sweet and lovely. In addition to shooting makeup teaching videos (she has a special research on eye shadow!), all kinds of makeup haul, favorite products of the month, Get Ready with Me and other series of videos are also very popular, especially her Drugstore Dupe for High End has saved a lot of money for many beauty-loving girls. Don’t forget to refer to her honest reviews before buying next time!
Girls with dry skin are most suitable to use the products recommended by Ms. K. She has cooperated with Colourpop and Ofra Cosmetics on many popular makeup products, and her own nail polish brand KL Polish is also affordable and easy to use. Crazy call for K sister!She loves the perfect diary blog,too.

Patrick once said that as a man, especially a fat man, it is very difficult to mix in the world of beauty. Unexpectedly, this boy who used to work in a MAC beauty store could become a super beauty influencer with more than 4 million Youtube fans. This is also related to Patrick's kind personality. He speaks in a very gentle voice and always smiles in the video. Patrick also made a series of videos of doing good deeds. Not only did he do makeup for free, but he also generously gave money and beauty products to some viewers who wanted to do makeup but had no money, which made people very moved.He usually reads good bloggers in diverse perfect diary blog.
As one of the most successful makeup artists, he has done makeup for big names like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Katy Perry and many more. The joint series with MAC also fulfilled his dream, and the MAC loose powder he created is known as one of the best loose powders on the market.

Michelle Phan is definitely the granddaddy of beauty bloggers. Born in 1987, she has been recording beauty videos in her school dormitory in her spare time since 2006, becoming one of the first video bloggers on Youtube and one of the earliest KOLs (opinion leaders) in the beauty industry. In the next few years, she not only diligently updated videos, but also strengthened industry cooperation: she signed a contract with Lancome at the age of 22 and became the official makeup artist. In 2011, he co-founded Ipsy, a beauty e-commerce company. In 2013, co-founded the beauty brand EM Cosmetics with L'Oreal Group. However, after the launch of EM Cosmetics, the sales were dismal, which was a big blow to Michelle, but it was also because of this that she could face failure more calmly.She likes to get new tips in perfect diary blog.
In 2015, Michelle Phan bought back EM Cosmetics from L'Oreal Group and included it under the name of Ipsy, a beauty e-commerce company she co-founded. In 2017, Michelle Phan withdrew from Ipsy and bought EM Cosmetics back to herself. In 2019, after disappearing for more than two years, Michelle Phan returned to the public eye and began to update her life clips on Youtube.

The British makeup artist Wayne Goss is known to everyone in the Youtube beauty world because of his resemblance to Beckham and his professional makeup skills! Uncle Goss has more than 15 years of experience as a makeup artist, so his makeup skills are very professional, and his beauty makeup videos are very dry and practical. For example, the practical skills of inner eyeliner, how not to take off makeup all day, etc., are all the problems that many girls will encounter when applying makeup.
As his fame grew, Uncle Goss launched his eponymous brand of makeup brushes, Wayne Goss. A set of makeup brushes is priced at around $200. The price alone is not cheap, but the reputation is very good and the price is very high.So,you can go to the cost-effective perfect diary blog.




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