To get your makeup questions solved by good tips

At this time, we will doubt the problem of our own cosmetics. In fact, the problem is that we have many bad makeup habits when applying makeup, which leads to poor makeup. Clear.


Many little fairies will have many makeup questions, why other people's makeup looks better than their own.
Today I will give you a detailed list of 9 makeup tips. As long as GET arrives, it will not only make the makeup look more translucent, but also shorten the makeup time. You will be a delicate piggy girl every day!And your makeup questions will be solved at all.

Some little fairies won't choose suitable liquid foundation,Usually choose a very white foundation,This will match your skin color Two color numbers difference,
The painted makeup is like a masked face,So the color number must.Choose one that is close to your skin tone.
This tip will solve your makeup questions about foundation.
[Solution]: Personal test: Squeeze out the foundation on the back of your hand, apply it evenly with a sponge puff, and then press it on your face. If you buy a very white color, you can mix it with lotion or essence. To dilute the liquid foundation, but also make the liquid foundation more docile and moist.

Many little fairies will use their fingers to apply makeup,Because I feel so docile,
However, many liquid foundations lack moistureIt dries quickly after applying on the face.If you can't push it away in time.The foundation on the face is uneven.And the fingers are hard to use Liquid foundation becomes even.It will make the base makeup ugly,And it's easy to take off makeup.
This tip will solve your makeup questions about loose powder.
[Solution]: You can use a sponge or a makeup brush to apply makeup, but many novices can't buy a makeup brush, and the base makeup will have traces, so it is best to use a sponge. won't feel bad

Sometimes I hit my face hard
Became a monkey ass!
How to do? ?
[Solution]: Use a powder puff or an air cushion to press the foundation, don't use too much, it will naturally create a white and rosy feeling.

clumped eyelashes, eyebrows,
mostly because of the brush head
Too much paste on.
This tip will solve your makeup questions about mascara.
[Solution]: Remove the excess paste from the mouth of the bottle before using it and then apply makeup, the effect will be much more natural.

It is not recommended to stick false eyelashes on the lower eyelashes,
Unless you are in COS Barbie,
Otherwise your everyday makeup
It is easy to appear abrupt and heavy makeup.
[Solution]: Draw the eyeliner pen one by one to create the lower eyelashes.

Eyeliner tail curvature for beginners
It's really hard for HIN,
How to make eyeliner
Not so easy to faint?
eyeliner contour
Not so blunt?

[Solution]: It is recommended to try to use dark eye shadow powder of similar color, and use a flat-angled brush to lengthen the end of the eye.
Want to draw colorful eyeliner,
It would be a waste of money to spend money on it.
So what to do?
[Solution]: No need to buy another colored eyeliner, just use the eyeliner brush to pick up the lipstick and pull out the eyeliner, perfect.

Eye shadow flying powder everywhere,
Not docile enough?
The eye shadow is not highly pigmented,
The brush can't pick up the color?
The eye makeup drawn on the eyelids does not show color?
all of the above
One way to solve it!
[Solution]: Use a makeup setting spray or a special primer for the eyes to make a base for the eye makeup, and then apply the eye shadow brush to make up, and it will immediately become docile, color-developed, and easy to apply.

Lip line too blunt?
The drawn lipstick is not good-looking?
Bitten lip makeup is unnatural?
[Solution]: For eye makeup, apply the lipstick in the middle of the lips, and then gently push it away with fingertips or cotton swabs, and the lip makeup that comes out will be very natural. Are all the above 9 skills GET?


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