Lost Ark: Player's Best Guide to Earning Volare Island Tokens

Lost Ark: Player's Best Guide to Earning Volare Island Tokens

As we all know, Lost Ark is an MMO game where players can explore a lot in dungeons or in the various lands of Arkesia. There are many oceans to explore in the game, including nearly a hundred islands to explore. They offer many adventures and rewards. Volare Island is one of them, but it's not easy to accomplish. Players are better off buying enough Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS in advance to boost their power.

Volare Island is a rare island as it will only appear at random times as indicated by the Lost Ark Gold game schedule. Players can collect three Mokoko Seeds, complete a questline and earn its Island Soul in Volare. They can exchange these souls for rewards. However, if players are unlucky, getting this Island Soul can be a long process.

To complete the island, the player must first reach it. The player may find it on the map, but if its time window has not been opened or has closed, the player will find an empty space in the sea when heading there. First, players should click on the blue stopwatch on the left side of the screen to open a list of events. Players can then look for the next Volare Island open and remember that time.

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If a player's menu is overwhelmed with content the player has already completed, players can turn off their alarms to more easily spot important events. If the player cannot get to the next time window, open the calendar at the top of the screen and look for a time when they can log in. When the island is about to appear, players can press M to open the map and look for Volare Island in the search bar section.

It's worth noting that players need to go to Volare Island when the time window opens. Players can wait a bit before it closes, but since players will be completing a co-op mission, it's best to head there early. How to Find the Best Lost Ark Gold Seller? MMOWTS can help you. Once inside, players will be able to complete co-op missions with other players on the island. It requires the player to kill 100 crocodiles and two deadly poisonous crocodiles.

The higher the player's score, the better the reward they get. After completing the mission, players will receive a specific number of Volare Secret Chests, with Volare Island Soul Tokens being one of its possible rewards. If the player gets a higher rank, the player will get more chests. In the process, MMOWTS will help players become stronger as any player can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold at MMOWTS and strengthen themselves quickly.


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