Great perfect diary mascara to use in your daily life

Perfect Diary mascara is also good, very easy to use, you can refer to the evaluation of several friends below.
The size does not take up space in the bag. I did not expect it to be so good when I take it with me at any time. It feels very textured. My eyelashes are short and short.

After I brush it on, it becomes dense and black immediately. The elongating effect is also very good. Eyes They all look a lot bigger, and there is no smudge after repeated brushing; I love the fact that the makeup does not smudge, it is super nice to use, and the painted eyelashes have a strong sun protection effect
Overall, I am very satisfied with perfect diary mascara. It looks good in texture. I started with the black one, and the two can be used for a long time. The effect of setting the eyelashes is also very good. Looking at my eyes, they instantly become bigger and more beautiful. In addition to no fly legs, the eyelashes wave naturally when blinking. It is really super beautiful, and it is also waterproof.
The perfect diary mascara will not clump and have fly legs after several layers of perfect diary mascara. Others, the elongation effect is not good, but this one is good, and there is no smudging. It is indeed my favorite perfect diary mascara, and I use it The styling effect is good and it won’t smudge. It can be kept for a whole day. When I go out for dinner at noon, I put on makeup, and it’s still intact when I go home at night.
It's better than I imagined, super easy to use, it adds a lot of points to my makeup, it won't be easy to smudge, and it also has a thick visual effect after application, the eyelashes that come out are distinct, it's simple, go out at noon The makeup after eating is still intact when I go home at night. The color of the paste will not shed quickly, the packaging is exquisite, and the appearance is also very online. Buying this one is definitely a good one.
Perfect Diary's mascara is really good-looking, and the appearance is a plus! ! It feels very good, this brush head is very suitable for beginners, it is very good~ the makeup effect is very good, there is no graininess when brushing, and the eyelash brush is very long.
The brush head of the perfect diary mascara can change shape at multiple angles, which is convenient to use, and the brushed eyelashes are thicker. The brush is small, and it is easy to brush the lower eyelashes.
It won't smudge all day, and it didn't smudge in the middle of the lunch break~ The roots are distinct~Use mascara and styling together~The makeup effect is nice, and the eyelashes look longer and stand out! ! ! Looks like naturally thicker lashes

Perfect Diary, this perfect diary mascara is super easy to use! ! super cost-effective
To be honest, this is what I made up to reduce the pick, but the effect is unexpectedly easy to use! No flylegs! And it can be very slim without clips! Picture 3 is shot without beauty! This is what I took with the front camera of my mobile phone. It's been two hours since I took the photo! And I only painted my top lashes! It may not be very clear, but my colleagues around me say it is very natural! And even if you keep overlaying and painting, you won't have fly legs! And no smudges! I am oily! The inside of the eyelids are usually oily! But I have been using this for a day without making my makeup smudge at all! Persistence is also good
⚠️Attention! Notice! My eyelashes are long! Short and sparse eyelashes may not work very well! I haven't tried what the sisters with less eyelashes look like, but it's really good for me! I can only say my personal feelings


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